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Medicinal Plants and Spiritual Evolution

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Receive Profound Insight, Practices, and Teachings for Connecting More Deeply to the Natural World and Harnessing the Power of Plants for Your Health, Wellbeing, and Spiritual Transformation.

What You Will Discover in 7 modules:

  • the deep sentience, wisdom, and healing power within the plant kingdom.
  • our deep biological unity and intimate interconnectedness with life.
  • new understandings of medicinal herbs, aromatherapy, meditation, and spirituality.
  • practical manifestations; from the herbs you grow to using essential oils in your practice.
  • a more dynamic relationship with the life force around us for more prana or chi.
  • how to harmonize our bodily systems and heal old traumas.
  • new and deeper roots for embodied living.
  • a healthy new culture, by connecting to the biological realities that allow us to grow sustainably.

Have you long suspected there’s much more to understand about plants, spirituality, and your connection to the natural world?

Have you been fascinated about systems of natural medicine like Ayurveda, Chinese wisdom, and working with herbs?

Are you curious about how essential oils and herbs affect your moods and shift your consciousness?

These questions lead us to new understandings of medicinal plants; linking our biology, ecology, consciousness, and sense of connection with all of life.

Simple methods of mindfulness and contemplative study open our eyes to the deep biological unity we share with plants.

Through the photosynthetic actions of plants we are directly connected to the sun; we can learn to feel this unity in the metabolic warmth of the body.

This biological unity allows for deep insight. Feeling yourself connected to the sunlight moves you into realizing everyone is, quite literally, made out of sunlight.

As we create a different kind of relationship with plants, the path opens to a kind of spiritual awakening that is grounded, earthy, and sustainable, one where we become intimately interconnected with the intelligence of nature in a very tangible way.

Put simply, by reconnecting with plants, we re-establish a relationship with the ground of being.

Our planet is in ecological crisis at least partially because we have grown to see ourselves as separate and “above” nature in a way that leads us to be destructive, wasteful and neglectful, not to mention unhealthy and unhappy.

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