Mind, Body, Spirit Diffuser Collection

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Nurture yourself and your loved ones with our favorite pure essential oil blends for the mind, body and spirit.

About the Mind, Body, Spirit Diffuser Collection

The Mind, Body, and Spirit Collection encourages your best self through aromatherapy.

What better gift can you give or receive than the balancing of the Mind, Body, and Spirit? Our signature aromatherapy blends are uplifting, gorgeous and powerful. Aromatherapy is one of our best tools for increasing the power of the mind, as our brains are strongly influenced by smells. These blends will encourage your best self to shine and sublimely experience life's ups and downs. Centering the mind, keeping the body healthy amidst the challenges of winter, and nourishing the spiritual self with aromatherapy is quite effective for balancing out the hustle and bustle of your regularly scheduled life.

About Centered Essential Oil Blend

A powerful blend of two Floracopeia signature oils, Palo Santo and Lavender Kashmir, Centered is a powerful guide throughout the day, especially when your energy or thought patterns become dispersed and distracted. Many of us face times during the day where we feel a sense of overwhelm or overstimulation; this blend is created for those very moments. Centered allows your mind, heart and intention to turn towards what you seek to create in your life.

About Legends Protection Blend

Theives’ Vinegar, a Medieval brew for protection from epidemics, is here offered as a historically accurate, pure essential oil blend. Legends is a signature, proprietary blend of oils including clove, rosemary, lavender, thyme, basil, white sage, and mint. Our recipe is based upon historic aromatic vinegar brews, used profusely throughout the ages, known as Thieves' Vinegar or Marseilles Vinegar formulations.

We created this blend to honor numerous customer requests. Legends belongs next to your diffuser at the office, home, school, or daycare throughout the winter months. It is an efficacious blend that you will reach for again and again to gently support your immune system and create community winter wellness. Perfect for the diffuser or for direct palm inhalation, this blend will support the body’s natural resistance to the troubles of winter.

Aromatically you will find this blend to be warm and spicy, with floral, camphor and menthol undertones. Nothing is overwhelmingly medicinal about Legends, it was masterfully blended to inspire a clear and creative mind as well as restoration to a tired and worn down body.

About Spirit Essential Oil Blend

Spirit Essential Oil Blend is the perfect fusion of essential oils to assist your meditation or yoga practice, for use in ritual, for emotional support, and to stimulate spiritual moods. One of our top-selling blends, the healing benefits are numerous: mood enhancing, worry reducing, euphoria inducing and clearing and cleansing to the mind. It has a beautiful sweet, woody and slightly pungent fragrance with subtle citrus notes. It is a blend of Palo Santo, Frankincense and Sandalwood essential oil.

Safety Considerations for Centered Essential Oil Blend

Non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take internally.

Safety Considerations for Legends Essential Oil Blend

Legends blend contains oils that are mucous membrane irritants and strong skin sensitizers. Use topically always in low dilution (less than 5%). Do not apply directly to delicate skin or near eyes or mucous membranes, even in dilution. Legends contains dermotoxic and phototoxic oils. Do not take Legends blend essential oil internally.

Safety Considerations for Spirit Essential Oil Blend

Non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take this blend internally.

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