Nourish and Glow Superset

$ 130

Dewy radiance from active floral botanicals.

About the Nourish & Glow Super Set

Turn up your glow with this botanical superset. Our most talented allover serum, nourishing mist, and eye perfecting creme come together to nourish your complexion like no other.

How To Use

After you’ve cleansed and serumed, combine a few drops of Nectar of Immortelle with Radiant Rose Facial Mist and apply to your face, neck, and décolletage. Apply Radiant Rose Eye Crème around the eyes in 360 degrees. Mist with Radiant Rose Facial Mist for a supple, radiant finish. For a floral supercharge, spray the Radiant Rose mist in a glass of purified water; enjoy your botanical, crystalline beauty drink.

Radiant Rose Eye Crème

Revive, brighten and rejuvenate the delicate skin around your eyes with roses.

Nectar of Immortelle, 5 mL

Stimulate collagen and elastin and catalyze deep rejuvenation with this potent serum.

Radiant Rose Facial Mist

Extraordinary skin, facial rejuvenation and inner beauty from a multidimensional misting tonic.

Nourish and Glow Superset

Country of Origin:
  • brightening rose antioxidant eye creme
  • Immortelle aromatic rejuvenating facial serum
  • rejuvenating beauty rose facial mist
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