Melissa Essential Oil

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Intensely fresh and radiant, our divinely aromatic Melissa oil is a gentle yet potent fusion of calming, nurturing and vitality promoting properties.

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About Melissa Essential Oil

A Floracopeia best seller, Melissa boasts an ability to promote abundant vitality and health. This potent oil has been known for centuries as an elixir of the heart because of its uplifting and mood enhancing qualities. It encourages emotional harmony, pacifies anger, encourages restful sleep and restores inner direction. Melissa essential oil is among the most potent of all natural essential oils for enhancing deep wellness during the challenging winter months.

Intensely refreshing, our divinely aromatic melissa oil is a gentle yet potent fusion of calming, nurturing and vitality promoting properties. Among the most precious of all essential oils, the herbaceous and lemony Melissa officinalis helps nourish the spirit and restores optimal mental balance. Known by many to be a true aromatic elixir, melissa’s unassuming power makes it a vital component of any essential oil pharmacy.

How to Use Melissa Essential Oil

  • Direct Palm Inhalation: Inhaled Melissa Essential Oil uplifts the heart and mind. An excellent oil to keep beside you, you will find the benefit increasing as you use it regularly.

Other Ways to Use Melissa Essential Oil

Melissa can be applied neat (undiluted) topically, but is equally effective in dilution. A tiny amount goes a long way.

  • Promote Relaxation: One drop rubbed gently into the temples to ease tension from daily stress.
  • Massage Oil: Blended into your favorite carrier oil for massage, Melissa gently calms and supports a healthy nervous system. Try blending melissa with lavender and ylang-ylang for a boost in effectiveness.
  • Nightime Bath: An aromatic bath suffused with a drop of Melissa oil promotes calm, restful sleep.

Melissa Essential Oil Profile

Steam-distilled in Bulgaria from the flowering tops and leaves of organically grown Melissa officinalis yields this potent essential oil elixir.

Aromatic Profile and Blending Information of Melissa Essential Oil

Safety Considerations for Melissa Essential Oil

Non-toxic. Possible dermal irritant; test a small area first. Do not take essential oils internally.

Product Details

  • Botanical Name:Melissa officinalis
  • Family: Lamiaceae, or Labiatae
  • Composition: 100% Pure Melissa Essential Oil
  • Origin: Bulgaria
  • Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
  • Cultivation/Harvesting: Certified Organic
  • Parts of Plant Used: leaves and flowering tops
  • Color: Pale yellow or pale amber
  • Consistency: Thin
  • Yield: extremely low (0.01% - 0.02%)
  • Bottle Size: ¼ Dram (0.95 mL)

Interesting Melissa Essential Oil Information

The name Melissa derives from the Greek word "honeybee". Not surprisingly, bees are highly attracted to this plant. Because of the enormous amount of plant matter needed to produce a kilogram of Melissa, it is one of the most expensive and frequently adulterated essential oils.

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Petite and Potent


I absolutely adore Floracopeia’s Melissa! Although the bottle is small, I have found it lasts much longer than expected.
<br>I am bummed to state I had a bottle, I thought was at its end, but was brand new & full, break in a carrier-box I use for my Floracopeia oils in use. My bathroom and condo had the most delicious aroma for days; the carrying box still does!

Floracopeia's Response:

Thank you for your review. We're so sad to hear about your broken bottle, but pleased to hear that you are still able to enjoy Melissa's beautiful aroma. As a precious and higher value essential oil, we offer Melissa in the dram size bottle. We are grateful that you love it so much.