Palo Santo Wood Chips

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Palo santo wood chips, ready to use for incense or ceremony, are used extensively in Andean shamanic purification rituals.

About Palo Santo Wood Chips

Palo santo wood sticks, ready to use for incense or ceremony. This wood comes from a sustainable source, where only deadwood is harvested from the ground. Approximately 8 - 12 sticks (50 grams)

Note: Product is measured by weight, number of sticks is approximate.

How to Use Palo Santo Wood Chips

Burn this incense in a Traditional Bowl Burner using the Japanese Incense Charcoal to light the resin. Or easily customize your incense burning experience with our Electric Incense Burner and its adjustable temperature setting:

Bottle Size: 50 g

Palo Santo Wood Chips (Bursera graveolens) 50 g

Bottle Size:
50 g
Latin Name:
Bursera graveolens
Country of Origin:
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