Prettiest Glow Set

$ 236

Your prettiest complexion with a start-to-finish ritual for dewy skin.

About the Prettiest Glow Set

Ultimate yin support from calming, nutrient-dense skin care. Brighten, lift, and plump daily with this all-in-one set.

Contains: Luna Flores Cleansing Dew, Radiant Rose Facial Mist, Skin Charm Serum, and Immortelle Perfecting Crème


Luna Flores Cleansing Dew

Soothe, soften, and nurture while gently removing dirt and pollutants.

Apply to dry skin, remove with a warm wet towel.


Radiant Rose Facial Mist

Rejuvenate your complexion and nourish inner beauty with roses.

Spritz into your palm or directly on your face to prep for serum application.


Skin Charm Serum

Restore luminosity and optimize cellular function.

Emulsify and apply a few drops with mist, either in palm or directly on face.


Immortelle Perfecting Crème

Soft, supple skin and deep renewal with immortelle and tansy.

Apply to moisturize and seal in radiance without clogging.

Prettiest Glow Set

  • Luna Flores Cleansing Dew
  • rejuvenating beauty rose facial mist
  • pomegranate antiaging organic facial serum
  • Immortelle Perfecting Crème
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