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About Pure Space Misting Potion

Pure Space Misting Potion is a potent synergy of sacred wood and flowers to purify, center, and inspire. Aromatic treasures such as palo santo, neroli and ylang ylang join forces with handcrafted global flower essences to support vibrant health through the essential practice of detoxifying the body-mind.

This ‘clearing potion’ is a perfect daily ritual to keep yourself clear, centered, strong, and balanced. It cleanses the energetic system, removes negativity, releases non-beneficial qi (energy), and restores a pure space supportive of health, truth, clarity, and peace. Simply mist around yourself to create a healing aromatic cascade when you feel: stressed, overwhelmed, unclear or confused, on guard, ‘mixed up’ with others, as if you’ve taken on the weight of the world or the struggles of others, or as if a dark cloud is over you.

Its purifying, uplifting, and protective action cleanses the home or workspace to support vibrant health and happiness.


100% organic & wildcrafted. Aromatic water and essential oil of palo santo, neroli, and ylang ylang. Icelandic wildflower essences of angelica archangelica, wild geranium, purple saxifrage, mountain avens, snowline wintergreen, thrift, forget-me-not (made on the blue moon), pine, sea campion, arctic thyme, rhodiola; global flower essences of Corsican immortelle, gardenia, Lobb's buckwheat, pink tecoma, and yarrow.

How To Use Pure Space Misting Potion

Gently shake and mist around yourself or the environment. Likewise, it is gentle enough to use directly on the skin.

Product Care: Our skin care line is 100% natural and contains no chemical preservatives. As such, the products should be treated carefully and not exposed to high heat, direct sunlight, or compromising conditions.

Bottle Size: 50 mL

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Pure Space misting potion is truly amazing! I ordered three different misting potions for holiday gifts, and this is the one I treated myself to. To me, it smells like honey nectar. It had a very sacred and calming effect and when I used it I immediately felt more "in balance". It's a splendid treat and I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to feel calm, balanced, and uplifted. Keep up the amazing work Floracopeia, these are wonderful! *This post has been edited to remove prohibited recommendation.



I can't say enough about the greatness of Pure Space! It has become a staple in my work with teaching mindfulness, meditation, relaxation skills, and Tai Chi. Everyone really enjoys it and can't wait to use it again and again and again and again. I'm sure that several of my clients and students have bought their own personal bottle... We all love it!