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Radiant Rose Glow Serum

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A beautifying and deeply transformative organic rose facial serum.

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Radiant Rose Glow Serum

Radiant Rose Glow facial serum is a gorgeous alchemy of cherished organic Bulgarian rose cradled in nourishing and antioxidant rich botanical oils resulting in a transcendent skin redeemer and beautifier.

A super talent for reversing many signs of aging, this skin nectar directly supports a healthy inflammatory response, a smooth even-tone complexion, superior hydration, and a noteworthy reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It signals cells to regenerate enhancing collagen and elastin production; a fundamental process that keeps the skin healthy, firm, and radiant. We love how it prevents and reverses oxidative damage through its superior antioxidant activity. This grants major protective benefits (very important environmental protection against toxins and the degrading aspects of UV exposure).

A key area that this serum shines is in its brightening ability. It’s brilliant at fading and remedying hyper-pigmentation, age spots, and blotchiness (for advanced results, use in conjunction with the Nectar of Immortelle serum and/or our entire line). It possesses major wound healing talents and can be used to remedy skin degradation and various types of complexion woes. What we love most is that our precious rose serum nourishes both a healthy, radiant complexion and a contented heart.

How to Use:

Standard Use: Apply a few drops to face, neck and décolletage morning and night after spritzing with Mist of Immortelle or any of our Misting Potions.

Advanced Use: After cleansing the face, spritz face with Inner Star Misting Potion or Mist of Immortelle facial toner. Apply a few drops of the Radiant Rose Glow facial serum to face, neck and décolletage (while the skin is still moist). For best results, use in conjunction with our entire organic and wildcrafted skin care line.


Wildcrafted and organic botanicals. Fresh-pressed jojoba, rosehip, pomegranate, meadowfoam, and camellia seed oils; seabuckthorn CO2 extract; Bulgarian rose petals, and geranium sur fleur rose. 

Product Care Our skin care line is 100% natural and contains no chemical preservatives. As such, the products should be treated carefully and not exposed to high heat, direct sunlight, or compromising conditions.

Refrigeration is recommended in order to extend freshness.

Bottle Size: 15 mL

About Our Radiant Rose Skincare:

For perfected petal-soft skin
Our Radiant Rose skincare line takes a time-honored beauty, Rosa damascena, to the next level for a soft, bright, luminous complexion and a warm, open heart. Each one of our skincare products is a unique multilayered botanical formulation that uses sustainable, wildcrafted and organic ingredients for holistic beauty, radiance, and inner harmony. Our Radiant Rose line renews all skin types and excels at increasing skin radiance, hydration, and beauty. This antioxidant superstar protects your precious collagen and elastin network and transforms skin dullness, hyperpigmentation, and dryness for a petal-soft, luminous and vibrant complexion. Our unique multilayered line harmonizes and beautifies your inner and outer world for glowing skin and a brighter, happier life.

Watch our free skin care series and learn more about how to use the highest quality botanicals to make a big impact on how your skin looks and feels.

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This is an excellent serum. I use it at night with the Mist of Immortelle and the Immortelle serum and WOW! I had great skin before starting this, but I must say this has taken my skin to a whole new level. It's better than ever. I had some kind of strange dry something along my hairline on the left side of my face and had tried all kinds of things. This serum and the mist along with the other serum have taken care of it, and it had been there for a very loooooong time. This has also made my eyes look better. I will find a way to keep this in my budget always until the end of time. *Please note that this comment has been edited to remove prohibited language.



Love ❤️ 💕 this serum. Cleared up my skin problems and makes me look so luminous.