Radiant Rose Facial Mist

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An extraordinary skin, facial rejuvenation, and inner beauty mist.

About Radiant Rose Facial Mist

We’ve taken a time-honored beauty to the next level! Our Radiant Rose facial mist can be trusted to breathe new life into the skin you’re in. This rose mist brightens and rejuvenates, enhances inner and outer radiance, and provides emotional nutrition and sustenance. It boasts an aromatic bouquet stemming from several rose species. Simply mist your face throughout the day as desired and/or spritz after cleansing as an essential ‘prep’ before any one of our power serums, such as Radiant Rose Glow Serum.

How To Use:
Mist face, neck, and décolletage after cleansing or anytime throughout the day to hydrate and refresh your complexion.

Watch our free skin care series and learn more about how to use the highest quality botanicals to make a big impact on how your skin looks and feels.

Ingredients: 100% organic & wildcrafted botanical skin care. Aromatic waters of Rosa damascena, Rosa alba, Rosa centifolia.  Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Bottle Size: 50 mL

About Our Radiant Rose Skincare:

For perfected petal-soft skin
Our Radiant Rose skincare line takes a time-honored beauty, Rosa damascena, to the next level for a soft, bright, luminous complexion and a warm, open heart. Each one of our skincare products is a unique multilayered botanical formulation that uses sustainable, wildcrafted and organic ingredients for holistic beauty, radiance, and inner harmony. Our Radiant Rose line renews all skin types and excels at increasing skin radiance, hydration, and beauty. This antioxidant superstar protects your precious collagen and elastin network and transforms skin dullness, hyperpigmentation, and dryness for a petal-soft, luminous and vibrant complexion. Our unique multilayered line harmonizes and beautifies your inner and outer world for glowing skin and a brighter, happier life.

Product Care:

Our skin care line is 100% natural and contains no chemical preservatives. As such, the products should be treated carefully and not exposed to high heat, direct sunlight, or compromising conditions.

Radiant Rose Facial Mist, 50ml

Bottle Size:
50 mL
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