Rose Flower Essence Tincture

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Soothes & strengthens the heart and supports a healthy inflammatory response.

About Rose Flower Essence Tincture

This highly nutritive flower and an age-old symbol of heart holds special nourishment for body, mind and spirit. Our multidimensional Rose tincture, based entirely on flowers, acts on several areas within the body-mind complex. First, it helps comfort and heal the emotional heart. Second, it calms the mind. Third, through its hydrating and cooling action it nourishes the body's Yin (keeping us fluid and supple) and promotes a healthy inflammatory response. Forth, its purifying and nutritive nature supports digestive function, intestinal health and skin radiance.

This synergetic formula combines three levels of concentration designed to amplify the benefits of each. It contains a biodynamic tincture of the revered Rose blossom, flower essences, and a biocompatible level of floral essential oils targeting all levels: body, mind and spirit.

Throughout time people have relied on the Rose to nourish the Shen or Spirit. Shen is a Traditional Chinese Medicine term that refers to our psychological health and wellbeing. Our unique preparation of Rose calms the mind and soothes the heart. It simultaneously relaxes and uplifts, making it an important ally to address both hyperactive mental states and the emotional heaviness of sadness, grief, heartbreak, apathy and emotional trauma. It anchors a restless heart, comforting and soothing to promote emotional equilibrium.

Our potent Rose formula encourages a healthy inflammatory response and promotes radiant youthful skin. In the digestive system, Rose assists with the restoration of healthy flora in the gut and supports proper immune function. Rose's purifying nature makes it a gentle but significant immune boosting remedy. It is also supportive to the liver, addressing Liver qi stagnation, felt as constraint and internal pressure that often accompanies stressful times, toxicity, hormonal fluctuations, and emotional struggles.

Alongside treating Shen, another primary application of this nourishing, cooling formula is to address yin-deficient heat. Yin-deficient heat, as referred to in Traditional Chinese Medicine, usually presents as heat, dryness and a restless feeling that is often underneath unhealthy sleep. Our Rose Tincture calms the mind and nourishes the Yin and blood to encourage restful sleep. Additionally, it has special benefit for the reproductive system. This nutritional powerhouse and endocrine balancer is an age old tool for enhancing sensual moods and healthy reproductive function for men and women alike.

Rose embodies spiritual love. Our Rose Flower Essence Tincture energetically softens and opens the heart, quiets the mind, and gives the gift of remembrance of our essential nature. It supports more ease and love in our lives. It connects and build bridges between heart and mind, ourselves and others, inner and outer. It offers us the opportunity to remove the thorns of past hurts and sanskara (the imprints left on the subconscious mind by past experience, which then color our responses, states of mind, emotional reactions, etc.) and open to sweetness in our lives.

Our Rose Tincture has a purifying and soothing nature, thus it can be used to support a healthy inflammatory response when diluted down and used as a gargle to address heat in the throat and mouth.

Rose Flower Essence Tincture:

  • Heals the Heart
  • Soothes, Nourishes and is Nutritive
  • Nourishes the Yin that keeps us supple and fluid
  • Bolsters Immunity & Digestion
  • Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response

Contains: Fresh Organic Biodynamic Rosa Rugosa flowers, spring water, Organic grain alcohol, Rosa Rugosa flower essence, Red Hollyhock flower essence, Wild Pansy flower essence, Hong Kong Orchid flower essence, Gardenia flower essence, Wild Corsican Cistus flower essence and Organic Rose Otto essential oil.

How to Use Rose Flower Essence Tincture

FlorAlchemy's Flower Essence Tinctures are designed to address body, mind and spirit by way of adjusting the dose depending on what you would like to address. Due to the bioactive ingredients of our FET they are designed to be taken internally but over the years we have come to know that they are great healers when applied externally to specific areas of the body, marma or acupuncture points as well!

  • To nourish and heal the body primarily: Standard dose is 30-40 drops orally twice a day used to address physical complaints along side addressing the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves.
  • To nourish and heal the emotions, mind and spirit primarily: Energetic dose is 1-2 drops orally, 2-4 times a day.

It is important to not let the glass dropper touch anything besides the contents of the tincture in order to keep the energetics of the Flower Essence Tincture clear and potent.

*Rose Tincture can be diluted in a little spring water before taking.

Safety Considerations for Rose Flower Essence Tincture

Not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take medications please consult with your doctor before using this product. Keep away from children.

Bottle Size: 1 oz

What is a Flower Essence Tincture?

Introducing our Flower Essence Tinctures. These are a multidimensional, bioactive formulation based entirely on flowers. They contain flower essences, floral tincture, and floral essential oils. Together they create a synergetic and powerful dynamic, due to their combined action of concentration, to directly address physical health and psychological wellbeing. Each flower has a different area of action. Please see each product page for therapeutics.

Flower Essence Tinctures differ from traditionally made flower essences. Because a Flower Essence Tincture represent a wide range of bioactive floral concentrations, they are much more focused on stimulating the body directly to create physical health and wellbeing. On the other hand, traditionally made flower essences have a more psychological function and generally they work indirectly on the physical body by addressing emotional, mental and soul components of physical imbalance. Therefore, the Flower Essence Tinctures give an additional level of action. Similarly, we have found that by combining levels of concentration, the therapeutics of each component is amplified. In other words, the flower tincture component makes the flower essence component work even better and so on.

Therefore, we can think about choosing a Flower Essence Tincture when we would like to integrate the bioactive and purifying action of the flowers for physical health and wellbeing while simultaneously addressing our emotions, mind and soul.

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Rose Flower Essence Tincture 1oz

Bottle Size:
1 oz (30mL)
Latin Name:
Rosa rugosa
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