Sandalwood Pure Wood Incense, Vanuatu

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Enlightening, centering sandalwood heartwood chips for use in your incense burner.

About Sandalwood Pure Wood Incense

These pure sandalwood chips from the Vanuatu archipelago are chipped, pre-distilled heartwood imbibed with precious sandalwood oil. Sandalwood, prized for its many healing qualities, must be trustingly sourced. The Vanuatu Sandalwood Eco-Project is powered by people who cherish and steward the sandalwood tree.

Renowned for its calming, uplifting powers, sandalwood incense has long been a staple of sacred practice. A quintessential component to ritual and meditation, sandalwood calms a worried mind and creates a serene state of consciousness.

Revered in perfumery, sandalwood is prized for its tranquil and nourishing fragrance. It centers the heart, enhances concentration, and opens intuition. The sensual, spicy-warm fragrance enhances romantic and sensual moods. It is considered highly sattvic, meaning that it promotes health, clarity, and a meditative calm.

How to Use Sandalwood Pure Wood Incense

Place a small number of sandalwood chips directly onto an incense charcoal, the plate of your electric incense burner, or a coal from your woodstove in a bowl burner. The incense will transform your home into a meditative, creative sanctuary.

Product Details

Botanical Name: Santalum austrocaledonicum

Family: Santalaceae

Composition: 100% Pure Sandalwood heartwood chips

Origin: Vanuatu

Cultivation/Harvesting: Eco-harvest

Plant Part: Heartwood

Sandalwood Pure Wood Incense Profile

The Vanuatu Sandalwood Eco-Project is creating positive growth for the local economy and knowledgeable plant stewardship of the treasured Santalum austrocalidonicum tree. Over the past 15 years, nearly 2000 acres have been reforested with sandalwood trees. Sandalwood saplings are planted on an ongoing basis from the hand-harvested seeds of native trees. These sandalwood chips are from the heartwood, and contain sandalwood oil as the wood has not been distilled.

Interesting Sandalwood Incense Information

Sandalwood has a long history of use in ethno-botanical medicine, religious and ceremonial ritual, cosmetics, and perfumery. The practice of purification through prayer was often accompanied by burning incense such as sandalwood or frankincense resin. This use of sacred scents served the public’s health and spiritual refinement.

Because of its rich fragrance and potent healing properties, and because the entire tree must be harvested in order to extract essential oil, sandalwood has become increasingly rare. It is now often over-harvested, illegally harvested, or from ecologically threatened areas due to deforestation. The vast majority of sandalwood oil on the market is adulterated or produced under unethical conditions. In response to these legal and ethical issues, some companies are now abandoning the sale of sandalwood oil. At the same time, this situation has given rise to numerous sustainable agro-forestry projects such as the Vanuatu Eco-Project.

Sandalwood Incense, 30g

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50 g
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Santalum austracalidonicum
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