Sleep Kit

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A holistic Approach to promoting deep, restful sleep.

About the Sleep Kit

Relax Essential Oil Blend contains soothing aromatics for rest and relaxation while Sweet Dreams Herbal Tincture promotes restful sleep for occasional sleeplessness.

Each night, press play on Relax Blend in your diffuser as you make your way toward sleep.  Calming lavender blankets your nervous system in a protective calm and adaptogenic rhododendron restores feelings of balance and steadiness.  Together, these two aromatics help you transition from sympathetic nervous system - fight or flight - into your parasympathetic of equanimity.

On nights when sleep evades you, reach for Sweet Dreams Herbal Tincture for time-tested calmative soporifics to bring on drowsiness and slow rapid thoughts.

How to Use the Sleep Kit

Relax Essential Oil Blend: Add 15 drops to your diffuser and press play.  Add 5 drops to soaking salts for a bath.  Place a drop between your palms and inhale directly.

Sweet Dreams Herbal Tincture: Add 15-60 drops of Sweet Dreams Herbal Tincture to a 1/4 cup of water and drink 30 minutes before desired bedtime or upon waking at night.


Relax Essential Oil Blend: Essential oils of organic Lavender and wild-harvested Rhododendron.

Sweet Dreams Herbal Tincture: organic fresh-extracted California Poppy aerial parts, organic Hops strobile, Valerian root, fresh-extracted Passionflower aerial parts, organic fresh-extracted German Chamomile flower, cane alcohol, water and vegetable glycerin.

Sleep Kit

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1/2 oz (15mL)
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