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Spirit Essential Oil Blend

24 Reviews
Spirit is a perfect fusion of oils to support emotional balance, to assist a meditation or yoga practice, and to stimulate spiritual moods.

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About Spirit Essential Oil Blend

Spirit Essential Oil Blend is the perfect fusion of essential oils to assist your meditation or yoga practice, for use in ritual, for emotional support, and to stimulate spiritual moods. One of our top-selling blends, the healing benefits are numerous: mood enhancing, worry reducing, euphoria inducing and clearing and cleansing to the mind. It has a beautiful sweet, woody and slightly pungent fragrance with subtle citrus notes. It is a blend of Palo Santo, Frankincense and Sandalwood essential oil.

How to Use Spirit Essential Oil Blend

  • Direct Palm Inhalation: A drop or two or the Spirit Blend in the palms with a deep inhalation is an excellent way to begin and deepen your meditation or yoga practice. Use this blend with direct palm inhalation any time you're in times of heightened emotions, both positive and negative, to help assimilate the experience into heightened wisdom. The Spirit Blend is an excellent addition to any devotional activity you participate in.
  • Anointing Oil: It is a wonderful anointing oil for ritual purposes and is generally safe to apply to the skin in small amounts (sensitive skin types may want to dilute in a carrier oil).

Other Ways To Use Spirit Essential Oil Blend

  • You can add a few drops of Spirit blend to your favorite massage oil to enhance, center and uplift the session.
  • It is also a powerfully effective diffuser oil, just add a few drops to your diffuser in your yoga studio or meditation room to deepen your practice.

Safety Considerations for Spirit Essential Oil Blend

Non toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take this blend internally.

Bottle Size: 1/2 oz

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24 reviews

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A Must for Yoga Practice and Healing


I have used this blend in my yoga classes. When students come to the mat, I ask them to sit and give them 2 drops. They inhale and then we do pranayam ( breathing) practice. It brings them completely into the moment.
<br>Also have my adult son use this for anxiety and insomnia. He reports that the anxiety lessens and ceases so that he can return to sleep.
<br>This is a premier essential oil blend.

Really nice


I ordered this out of curiosity. Had never smelled Palo Santo so went with this blend because I love the fragrance of frankincense and sandalwood. This blend is very nice. Sweet, woody almost citrusy slightly piney. I have asthma that I use natural things to keep under control most of the time. When my chest is feeling a little heavy one or two inhalation’s off the bottle opens my sinuses and lungs right up. Much nicer than just grabbing an inhaler. Balsam fir works well for that too but Spirit blend smells so much better.



Spirit blend creates a special connection to the earth element. It is grounding, deeply calming and invites one to experience the energy of these special plants... I am grateful for this blend.



It's a great mood lift that helps get you centered in more alpha waves



Spirit centers me and uplifts me. It’s a great blend



So exotic, calming, grounding and sultry. I use to ground and bring myself into higher frequency in my morning ritual. Have given it as gifts and taught friends to use to raise their own vibrations with this beautiful mixture of Sandalwood, Palo Santo and Frankincense.

Beautiful smell!


This smells amazing and i diffuse daily. Love the Palo Santo included



I breath this for calm and balance at the end of the day, or whenever I need some help.

Wonderful blend!


Beautiful blend that is calming/relaxing. I use it for meditation and before sleep



The Spirit blend is deeply reassuring, activating, and nurturing on multidimensional levels. It’s my absolute favorite blend to use to get into mindful alignment while meditating. I also love to wear it when going for walks in nature as it augments tuning in while immersed in natural beauty. Thank you for making this blend so well!



This is an amazing oil blend. I love it when I'm meditating.

love this oil


I love this oil for meditation!



Beautiful blend



Balanced blend that was very calming and satisfying. No one oil predominants and the aroma is elegant and haunting.

Great for balance and clarity!


SPIRIT - this is my go to for clearing my mind and centering. I use this before my yoga practice to bring me into the present moment.



This oil always transports me to a more relaxed and spiritually connected place. It alters my mind slightly in a lovely way. i use it in diffuser, bath, and on my skin.



I love this essential oil for my client sessions! It is a wonderful way to bring in angelic presence while cleansing and purifying the room.



I absolutely love this blend before meditation. It’s earthy and grounding and so stabilizing. I feel like I’m connected to Mother Earth and spirit instantly

Brings clarity and focus!


I use this when I like to feel reverence while meditating, it supports my focus!



Helps me ground and meditate- LOVE the smell

A real life saver!!


Ahhh this one really gives me a “reset”...I keep it in my purse as an emergency physical & emotional cleanser. If stress arises, I take a few deep inhales of this sacred blend, & it resets & refreshes me. A real life saver.

Must have!


Beautifully crafted, unique blend for my diffuser for night use or in my office during the day.

Love it!


Beautiful uplifting clarity.



Sublime, grounding, I use it for meditation and sleep.