Stress Relief Flower Essence Blend

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A stabilizing & relaxing blend to release tension, overstimulation & overwhelm.

*Please note: A flower essence is odorless and, therefore, distinct from an essential oil.

About Stress Relief Flower Essence Blend

Stress Relief supports balance and harmony during stressful times. It is a relaxing and soothing floral blend designed to energetically support the nervous system and provide immediate emotional soothing. It is often chosen to bring quick relief during stressful times, traumatic events, emergency situations, and uncomfortable life transitions. It is an effective and comprehensive alternative to Bach’s Rescue Remedy. It releases tension, especially that of an emotional nature, to aid healing and rejuvenation. Stress Relief can also be used to stabilize, soothe, strengthen and protect against overstimulation, nervousness and daily stress. By spreading peace and calm throughout our body, it stabilizes and supports the healing of a wide range of issues for both people and animals.

How to Use Stress Relief Flower Essence Blend

Due to the energetic nature of flower essences, it is important to not let the glass dropper touch anything other than the flower essence itself in order to keep the essence as potent as possible.

Flower essences have an extremely high level of safety and can be used by people of all ages without concern. Flower essences are great for animals too.

  • Internally: 1-2 drops on the tongue, four times a day or as desired. They can also be added to spring water and sipped on throughout the day.
  • Externally: Flower essences can be applied topically to areas of the body, such as the acupuncture or marma points. A few drops can also be added to massage oil, body care products, clearing/room spray (spring water and essential oil blend), and numerous other ways.

Safety Considerations for Stress Relief Flower Essence Blend

Flower essences are an extremely safe energetic preparation. They do not interfere with other botanical preparations, supplements or pharmaceuticals.

Ingredients: An aqueous infusion of the following wildflowers in 80% spring water and 20% organic grape alcohol. Wild Lavender, Palo Santo, Self-Heal, Scots Pine, Red clover, Rowan, Horsetail, Chamomile, Star of Bethlehem, Lady's Smock, Clematis, Dandelion, Rush, Snowline Wintergreen, Golden Yarrow, Fairy Bells, Clematis, Icelandic Alpine Mouse-ear and Bog Whortleberry.

Bottle Size: 1/2 oz

What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are a bioenergetic imprint of a flower that has been transferred and stabilized in water. It is the Qi or the Life Force of a flower that has been captured in water.

Flower essences are used to energetically support the healing of the body (similar to an acupuncture treatment), working on the various energy pathways and fields such as the acupuncture meridians to create body, mind and spirit health and well-being. Flower essences are used to support healthy emotional, mental and spiritual states. Flower essences as a primary treatment for what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls Shen or Spirit. TCM views Shen or Spirit as containing aspects of emotional and mental health. Each flower is profoundly intelligent and holds specific transformational information found in nature that can help us realize our true nature and help us shift out of self-limiting, self-destructive patterns and behaviors.

Stress Relief Flower Essence Blend 1/2oz

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