Agarwood Attar Roll-On

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Agarwood attar, the wish-fulfilling gem of a perfume, melds with your chemistry and smells unique on everyone.

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Agarwood Attar Roll-On

The unquestionably revered Agarwood Attar is composed of the precious oils of mystic sandalwood and exotic agarwood. This attar is created by taking the steam-distilled extract of agarwood resin and infusing it into pure CO2-extracted Australian sandalwood oil (Santalum spicatum). This pairing then peacefully ages for several months before its limited release here.

Agarwood attar is euphorically relaxing while enhancing mental clarity and purpose. It will enhance your spiritual practices of meditation, ceremony, or intimacy. It is a truly remarkable anointing oil, to be applied with the intention of what one seeks to manifest. Agarwood is thought to possess magical powers of attracting love, prosperity, and good fortune.

The steam-distilled agarwood in this attar comes from a sustainably grown agarwood forest in Thailand. This iteration of agarwood attar has a fruitier aroma than our previous version (which instead contained a CO2 extract).

Ingredients: Essential oils of sandalwood and agarwood. Housed in a violet glass roll-on bottle with a glass applicator ball.

How to Use Agarwood Attar Roll-On

Swipe over pulse points as desired.

Safety Considerations for Agarwood Attar Roll-On

Agarwood Attar is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing. Avoid use near eyes. Do not ingest infused perfume. Keep out of children's reach. If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare professional before using essential oil products. The information on this website is not intended to diagnose or prescribe for any disease or health condition.

Bottle Size: 5 mL

About the Floracopeia Perfume Collection

We are pleased to house our perfume collection within elegant violet glass roll-on bottles. These glass beauties protect the vital energy of the botanicals within by blocking all UV rays except for violet. The violet rays preserve the perfume’s inherent potency and shelf stability.

Our violet glass roll-on perfume bottles are a pleasure to use. Housed within violet glass, are our signature perfumes ready to be carried all day and night. Travels and stores easily via purse, desk, gym bag, or pocket on an evening out. They are a perfect gift for someone you adore. Whenever the mood strikes, simply roll over your pulse points and dive into sublime fragrance.

Floracopeia’s botanical perfumes are made with organic jojoba oil and essential oils or absolutes, never synthetics or fillers. Now is the time to swap out expensive chemical and synthetic-laden perfumes for pure botanical fragrances that enhance wellbeing and joy.


Ratings & Reviews

12 reviews



This attar is pure heaven. Rich, woody, sensual. it brings a deep sense of self and is a great attar to apply before meditation or when you need to feel grounded. I love agarwood and this one is my favorite thus far. Simply divine

The scent of Wisdom, ancient and vibrant.


It is the smell of the Greek Gods....come down from the mountain. Wise, ancient and vibrant.

Hard to discern.


So disappointed in this product! It was expensive and I can barely discern the agar - it’s lost in the sandalwood base.



Uplifting and strengthening.

Love the scent!


Beautiful attar, scent has a depth to it that is very calming, I wish it would last a bit longer once applied.



I use this with reverence and feel instantly connected to All That Is



Excellent blend; intoxicating scent.



Nice subtle scent.

Divine provoking.


High quality sacred oil attar that invokes the divine within and outwards.

All-day fave!


Smells so lovely, I love wearing it all day :)

Manifestation must-have


Agarwood Attar has been invaluable in helping me to manifest my dreams. I use it along with visualization and intention to create my reality.



So disappointed in this product! It was expensive and I can barely discern the agar - it’s lost in the sandalwood base.