Three Nectars Aromatic Bath Salts

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Soak away your aches and pains with our exclusive aromatic bath salts, inspired by the Traditional Tibetan Medicinal Bath therapy known as the “Dutsi 5 Lums” or 5 Nectars Bath.

About Three Nectars Aromatic Bath Salts

Floracopeia’s Three Nectars blend uses three of the five nectars, in a pure essential oil blend, for a gentle, yet effective, analgesic bath.  Combined with pure Dead Sea salt, this bath provides musculoskeletal relief and comfort, while also nourishing and clearing the skin.

In Traditional Tibetan Medicine, known as Sowa Rigpa, this is the premier formula for external use and is renowned for its qualities to support healthy energy channels, circulation, joint, muscle, and skin functions.

Lum is practiced under the guidance of a Amchi (traditional physician).  Traditional hospitals in Bhutan utilize this healing bath in their repertoire of medical treatments.

This formulation is regarded to invoke the pristine qualities of Himalayan hot springs and to transform ordinary bath water into a healing nectar.  Each ingredient represents a different geographical area and transmits its own unique healing essence into the bath. This is why it becomes a bath of healing nectar.

  • Rhododendron - represents the essence of the grassland meadows 
  • Himalayan Juniper - represents the essence of the sun and locations where the rays penetrate bringing heat and warmth
  • Tibetan Tansy - represents the essence of the earth “Sa”

In 2013, the government announced its plan for Bhutan to become the first country in the world with 100 percent organic farming.  In 2021, we were honored to support the establishment of a small-scale distillery in Bhutan.  

We’re honored to partner with trailblazing, ethical distiller, Karma Tshetem, as he brings fresh, economic opportunities to Bhutan’s local communities.  Karma pays fair and equitable wages to the harvesters, who hand pick tibetan tansy flowers and prune juniper branches from remote Himalayan mountains and valleys.  

Karma’s Juniper and Tansy, along with our beloved Rhododendron from Nepal, combine to create a superior pain relief blend that is sustainable and ethically produced, and has a relaxing, medicinal scent with a hint of floral.  

We’ve added our exclusive Three Nectars Blend to a superior, therapeutic grade salt, harvested from the southern Dead Sea in Israel, where the concentration of minerals is the highest. The waters of the Dead Sea, the authentic source for this exceptional salt, are distinctly different from any other body of water, and this salt has a mineral composition and therapeutic benefits that are entirely its own. 

Please store your salts in a cool, dry place or repackage in a glass mason jar or other container that blocks moisture.  When stored in a moist environment, the salts may absorb moisture from the air and become clumpy or cause staining on wood and marble surfaces through the bag.

Instructions:  Add 1/2 to 1 cup of Aromatic Salts directly to warm bath for musculoskeletal relief and comfort.

Ingredients:  Dead sea salt and essential oils of wild-harvested Himalayan Juniper, Tibetan Tansy and Rhododendron.

Yields 3-6 baths with recommended use.

24 oz. (3 cups)
Country of Origin:
Bhutan, Nepal & Isreal
Dead Sea Salt, Rhododendron, Tibetan Tansy and Himalayan Juniper
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