Two Treasures Comfort Collection

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The pain relief duo you've been waiting for - save 20% when you purchase the collection!  Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving, this duo of exclusive balms acts on the pain and swelling caused by inflammation and provides both fast and long-acting muscoloskelatal relief.

About the Two Treasures Comfort Collection

This collection combines the gentle, long term inflammation relief of our Boswellic Balm with the powerful, fast-acting pain relief provided by our Three Nectars Balm.  Perfect for those with chronic pain caused by inflammation and those with active lifestyles, alike.  Use daily for chronic conditions or anytime when you have exerted your body and need musculoskeletal relief and comfort.

Boswellic Balm

Our Boswellic Balm is created using an extract of Frankincense papyrifera resin that’s naturally high in boswellic acid. Boswellic acid is superior for treating inflammation and pain.

This unique balm works on the underlying inflammation that causes pain, and should be used several times a day for a cumulative healing effect on affected joints.  Unlike analgesic balms, Boswellic Balm is meant to reduce the inflammation causing pain.  The effect is not immediate pain relief, but rather long term healing and pain relief.

While the pharmaceutical extracts of boswellic acid found in many capsules and creams have synthetic additives, this balm is a whole-plant preparation. It combines the skin-soothing benefits of frankincense with the incredible anti-inflammatory action of boswellic acid.

This extract is then combined with creamy unrefined Nilotica Shea butter. Nilotica Shea is higher in olein content — and softer and creamier — than traditional West African Shea butters.

Ingredients: Unrefined, organic Nilotica Shea Butter, extract of wild harvested frankincense, and essential oil of wild-harvested frankincense.

Three Nectars Balm

Our Three Nectars balms starts with an exclusive blend of medicinal essential oils from Bhutan and Nepal.  Wild-harvested essential oils of Himalayan Juniper, Tibetan Tansy and Rhododendron combine to create a powerful pain-relieving blend that was inspired by medicinal bath treatments common in traditional hospitals in Bhutan.  

In Tibetan Medicine, known as Sowa Rigpa, this is one of the premier formulas for external use and is renowned for its qualities to support healthy energy channels, circulation, joint, muscle, and skin functions.

Juniper and Tansy, along with an old customer favorite, Rhododendron from Nepal, combine to create a superior pain relief blend that is sustainable and ethically produced, and has a relaxing, medicinal scent with a hint of floral. 

This essential oil blend is combined with creamy,  unrefined Nilotica Shea butter and Jojoba. Nilotica Shea is higher in olein content — and softer and creamier — than traditional West African Shea butters.

The resulting balm is creamy, pleasantly medicinal, and provides fast-acting musculoskeletal relief and comfort.

Ingredients:  Organic, unrefined Nilotica Shea Butter, Jojoba, and essential oils of wild-harvested Himalayan Juniper, Tibetan Tansy and Rhododendron.

How to Use the Two Treasures Comfort Collection

Apply to joints and massage gently. Repeat 3–4 times daily or as needed. For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children.

Bottle Size:  1 oz (30mL) each

  • Boswellic acid balm.  Frankincense and Nilotica Shea.
  • Pain relieving balm with traditional bhutanese three nectars essential oil formula
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