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Ultimate Rose Glow Body Collection

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Allow rose, one of our favorite skin-supportive botanicals, to impart a dewy, glowing radiance & heart-nourishing embrace.

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About the Ultimate Rose Glow Body Collection

A unique and powerful package that imparts a rosy, healthful glow to your inner and outer self. Formulated by Sara Crow L.Ac., this Collection includes Radiance Skin Clay, Radiant Rose Body Serum, and Inner Star Mist.

Restore your skin’s glow with this lovingly crafted botanical skin routine. Radiance Skin Clay purifies, renews, and smooths your skin. This clay can be applied to the face, back, chest or any area that needs gentle exfoliation and softening. Follow with Inner Star Mist, based on aromatic white rose and flower essences, to envelop you in a loving embrace designed to ignite inner confidence and a renewed sense of self. Inner Star Mist also acts as a toner to prepare the skin for the deeply nourishing moisture of the gorgeous and skin beautifying Radiant Rose Body Serum.

Our skin care line is 100% natural and contains no chemical preservatives. As such, the products should be treated carefully and not exposed to high heat, direct sunlight, or compromising conditions.

The Ultimate Rose Glow Body Collection Includes:

  • Radiance Skin Clay, 40 g
  • Radiant Rose Body Serum, 100ml
  • Inner Star Mist, 50ml
<p><u>How to use:</u> Smooth over skin anytime. Especially lovely following application of a hydrosol or after shower/bath when skin is slightly damp.</p>

Ultimate Glow Rose Body Collection Details:

Radiance Skin Clay

The finest natural ingredients work harmoniously to purify, hydrate, smooth and illuminate all skin types. Radiance Skin Clay boasts some of the world’s most potent and revered substances for skin health and beauty. It contains a blend of hydrating clays such as Rhassoul clay from Morocco, pure top-grade botanical antioxidants, and Asian skin softening secrets such as premium 100% fresh water pearl, organic Schizandra berry, and organic rose petal. Radiance Skin Clay is a highly therapeutic botanical treasure that will leave your skin hydrated, youthful, and radiantly smooth even after just one application. This gently exfoliating and mineral-rich mask can be used daily on some skin types. Dry, mature and sensitive skin types may find the mask appropriate once or twice a week.

How to Use: In a small bowl, mix 1-2 teaspoons of dry mask together with one of our hydrosols or spring water until it is a medium thick consistency. Apply over face, neck and décolletage. Allow mask to dry completely (about 7-10 mins). Remove the mask with warm or cool water. Spray the skin generously with a hydrosol such as Rose. For maximum hydration and rejuvenation, follow with the Nectar of Immortelle and Radiant Glow serums.

Ingredients: Pink Kaolin Clay, Rose Kaolin Clay, French Green Montmorillonite Clay, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Activated PureTrans Resveratrol, Pearl Powder 100% pure, levigated premium grade fresh water, Organic Schizandra fruit powder, Organic Rose Petal powder.

Inner Star Mist

A Misting Potion for Skin, Aura, and Home. Inner Star Mist supports the blossoming of true confidence, courage and faith in oneself. It is perfect for those who feel bombarded by ‘outside or inner’ pressures, those who feel unsure of themselves, and those who feel overly shaped by society’s and others’ expectations. Inner Star Mist is a powerful ally in moments when we lack clarity, confidence and self-trust. It activates the courage we need to shine our unique light and detach from needing external validation.

Inner Star Mist activates an awareness of our soul’s unique song and our heart’s wisdom. By connecting us to our true essence, it empowers us to disengage from competition and comparison and instead look inside for answers. Thus, it promotes a healthy, authentic self-expression. In a nutshell, our Inner Star Mist helps us to feel confident to be who we are.

How To Use: Gently shake and mist on your skin for a moisturizing toner, and around yourself or your environment for faith and confidence.

Ingredients: Aromatic water of Rosa alba; essential oils of rose, Moroccan neroli & Corsican laurel; Icelandic wildflower essences of sea campion, mountain cornflower, arctic thyme, mountain avens, wood crane’s bill; wildflower essences of immortelle, white lotus, white desert primrose, rose, yellow mullein, calendula and cistus.

Radiant Rose Body Serum

Envelop your skin in our sensuous rose body oil serum devoted to inner and outer beauty. Radiant Rose Body Serum encourages soft, alluring skin and nourishes the emotional heart. Precious organic Bulgarian Rose, adorned with luxurious plant oils, make this body oil serum the ultimate skin beautifier. It excels at improving skin health by stimulating cell regeneration, improves collagen and elastin production for graceful aging, and offers emotional nourishment. Throughout time, rose has been used to boost feelings of self-worth, emotional comfort, and spiritual sustenance. Radiant Rose Body Serum transforms the skin by boosting hydration, ensuring proper barrier function, and addressing dry and wrinkled skin. It balances skin tone by preventing and remedying hyperpigmentation (age spots) through its regulatory action on the melanocytes, the melanin-producing cells that produce skin color. This therapeutic and antioxidant-rich serum can be used all over to slow skin aging, nourish gorgeous soft skin, and engender a warm, safe heart.

Ingredients: 100% organic & wildcrafted. Jojoba and camellia seed oils infused with geranium sur fleur rose and Bulgarian rose essential oils.

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