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Vanuatu Sandalwood Eco-Project

Floracopeia is supporting the preservation and restoration of several species of endangered aromatic trees in different parts of the world. Our newest eco-project is working to create sustainable agroforestry of Santalum austrocaledonicum on the islands of Vanuatu.

This project started in 2002, when the chiefs of Erromango Island asked our distiller to help their community earn money by adding value to the natural resources on the island. The island is so remote that their supplies come in on a ship, every three weeks.

Our distiller has been distilling and building extraction and processing machines for the last 25 years, and he immediately recognized the value of many medicinal plants on the island that the native people use in their everyday lives; he chose sandalwood as the product that could bring the most value to the island.

True sandalwood oil is increasingly rare, and one of the most adulterated in the perfume and aromatherapy market; diluted and synthetic oil is frequently misleadingly labeled as pure.

The distiller then designed and built a distillation system to produce essential oil. The boiler runs off a wood fire so that they do not have to rely on outside resources such as diesel or gas, a critical requirement in a place where supplies are delivered so infrequently.

Floracopeia is very pleased to now offer the superb high-quality sandalwood oil this project produces, along with top grade sandalwood in powder and chips for incense.

In addition to supporting the preservation and replanting of the sandalwood trees by purchasing this oil and wood we are also supporting research into other sustainable aromatic crops for income. Our distiller’s work also includes building community centers for the villages, supporting food production, and educational training in agriculture.

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