Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil

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This tropical-scented essential oil comes from the plant commonly known as the fever tree and is also sometimes called fever tea. This limited-release oil possesses many powerful benefits, from soothing irritated skin to relieving congestion to repelling insects. Its citrusy, tropical scent is a welcome change for those who don’t prefer the earthier scent of most medicinal essential oils. Incredibly rare and unique, it won't stay on our shelves for long.


About Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil

This limited-release aromatic treasure repels insects, soothes irritated skin, and relieves congestion and cough. It reduces skin’s itchiness (even from insect bites!) and is both an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory favorite. Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil is revered as a pain-reducer — all while smelling like your favorite tropical fruity drink. 

Lippia javanica essential oil is one of the most underrated medicinal oils coming out of Africa.  With a large variety of medicinal applications, from soothing the skin to opening the airways, it's amazing that this oil is rarely seen in natural medicine cabinets.  This essential oil is considered one of aromatherapy's best kept secrets.

This essential oil is quite viscous and very strong, a little goes a long way!

How to Use Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil

Verbena essential oil can be applied topically (in at least 50-50 dilution), as a compress, in the bath, through direct inhalation, or used with a diffuser.

  • Diffuser: Diffuse it in your home or office to help purify the air. We recommend you combine this essential oil with others to thin it out in the diffuser.  Try diffusing with eucalyptus and/or tea tree essential oil to enhance the benefits and achieve a lovely, sweet aroma that balances the medicinal notes generally found in those oils.
  • Around the house: Add a few drops to water in a spray bottle to reduce pet odors and to freshen the air.  Make sure you shake it well!  Try using it in cupboards to remove moths and other insects, all while imparting a delicious and long-lasting fragrance.
  • Chest Rub: Add several drops to ½ oz of rosehip seed carrier oil and apply as a chest rub to encourage open and clear breath.
  • Skin relief: combine a drop of verbena essential oil with a tablespoon of jojoba carrier oil and dab the mixture on insect bites to relieve itchiness and inflammation.  This is also great for soothing and calming a variety of other itchy rashes.
  • Scalp Treatment: Rub diluted verbena essential oil on itchy scalps.  This essential oil has traditionally been used as a treatment for lice.
  • Repellant: Diffuse, spray, or rub into skin as a balm to repel insects.

Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil Profile

Wild Verbena leaf is a very thick essential oil with a tropical fruit aroma that is distilled  from the wild harvested leaves of the Lippia javanica shrub in South Africa.

Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Lippia javanica
  • Family: Verbenaceae
  • Composition: 100% Pure Verbena Essential Oil
  • Origin: South Africa
  • Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
  • Cultivation/Harvesting: Wild Harvested
  • Plant Part: Leaves
  • Color: golden yellow
  • Consistency: Very thick
  • Yield: 1.02% - 1.36%
  • Bottle Size: ½ fl oz (15 mL)

Aromatic Profile and Blending of Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil

Safety Considerations for Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil

Verbena essential oil is non-toxic, non-irritant and generally non-sensitizing. Verbena essential oil may cause photosensitivity in some.  Do not take verbena essential oil internally.

Interesting Wild Verbena Leaf Essential Oil Information

The lemon-scented leaves of the Lippia javanica bush have long been used for their medicinal properties, but the essential oil has only recently been recognized as having the same medicinal uses.  Historically, the Xhosa people have used tea or milk infused with Lippia javanica leaves for respiratory relief, as well as using the herb to disinfect their meats from anthrax.  The plant has also traditionally been used for pest control when storing grains.

Common names for Lippia javanica are Wild Verbena Leaf, Cape Verbena, Fever Tree, Fever Tea, Lemon Bush, Zinziba and Zinzibaor Verbena.


Bottle Size:
1/2 oz (15mL)
Latin Name:
Lippia javanica
Country of Origin:
South Africa
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