Bhutan Cypress Essential Oil From The Kingdom of Bhutan

hillside in bhutan
man harvesting cypress branches
side of distillery cypress branches all around
cypress branches in still bucket
distilled cypress oil in cylinder

In 2021, we were honored to support the establishment of a small-scale distillery that has now produced the world’s first Bhutanese jatamansi oil, — and one of just two Bhutanese juniper oils from sustainably wild-harvested plants growing in the high alpine regions. Now, we are thrilled to bring you another unique oil that is not widely available in aromatherapy, Bhutan Cypress essential oil.

We’re excited to partner with Karma Tshetem, a trailblazing ethical distiller bringing fresh, economic opportunities to Bhutan’s local communities, and respecting the valuable ecosystems supplying these incredible botanicals.

Karma pays fair and equitable wages to the harvesters, who carefully prune branches of juniper, prolific in the remote Himalayan mountains and valleys. They carefully transport the fresh botanicals through the rugged landscape via horseback.

Cupressus torulosa, Bhutan Cypress or Himalayan Cypress, is the National Tree of Bhutan. Locally, it is known as ‘Tsenden’. The Bhutanese people consider the cypress sacred and they have great reverence for this majestic tree. The people of Bhutan compare its ability to survive in difficult, rugged and harsh terrains and the strong and straight form of the tree to their own simplicity, hardiness and bravery.

Cypress is often planted outside monasteries, dzongs and religious places and its wood and branches have been used as incense for thousands of years. It is found at high elevations in the Himalayas and requires an abundance of sunlight.

Cypress is an evergreen tree that can grow up to 150 feet high. The cones of the cypress tree appear from February-March, while the seed matures from May-June. Its wood is hard and durable with a straight grain and fine texture, while also being aromatic. The essential oil extracted from root-wood of Bhutan Cypress is also beneficial and is used in medicine to cure inflammatory wounds, as an antiseptic and to make cosmetics.

Our Bhutan Cypress essential oil is distilled from cypress leaves and branches hand harvested from trees that soar up to 150 feet into the sky. The pristine environment in Bhutan endows this refreshing elixir with potent aromatherapeutic qualities. Cypress essential oil deepens and expands the breath and is very beneficial to use in your diffuser or formulations in times of stress, loss of sleep or hormonal challenges. It offers a wide range of applications when its astringent properties are called for.

Cypress has been traditionally used to beautify the skin and scalp. The astringent nature of this oil is very helpful for summertime skin, or whenever there are oily, teenage/troubled or sweaty conditions. You can also routinely count on cypress to keep your home fresh and clean when added to your household cleansers.

For the mind, cypress is known to have a refreshing, cleansing effect which can dispel worry and stress. Diffused, invigorating cypress oil will clear the air whenever it has been left heavy or stagnant. Cypress is a useful essential oil for promoting concentration and productivity. This Bhutan Cypress’ aromatic profile lends itself to soothing hormonal imbalances and promoting deep, restful sleep.

As our fast-growing distillation partner continues to support and invest in the local communities in Bhutan, greater economic opportunities to cultivate, harvest, and distill a variety of unique Bhutanese botanicals are sure to be on the horizon. Check out our Bhutan Eco-Project to learn about the other boutique oils Karma is distilling with the help of his community.

As always, thank you for supporting this eco-project!

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