Oils From the Indian Subcontinent

Floracopeia is pleased to offer a wide selection of essential oils, attars, natural incenses and other aromatic treasures from India. Produced in geographically and ecologically diverse regions, our selection ranges from vetiver harvested in the Rajasthan desert and luscious florals from the tropics to high altitude lavender and cedar from the Himalayas.

As unique high-value crops, plants used for essential oil production play an important role in economic improvement for rural agricultural areas. From aromatic grasses such as palmarosa and jamrosa to flowers such as marigolds and jasmines, these oils represent the opportunity to continue long traditions of agrarian culture that are increasingly being lost to modernization.

Many of the Indian oils also represent protection of threatened and endangered species as well as preservation of unique ecosystems. From the replanting efforts of agarwood in Assam to the ethically harvested frankincense from tribal forests and the cardamom grown in centuries-old agroforests, these oils are success stories of long-term botanical sustainability.

Some of the oils have been used traditionally as classic ingredients of Ayurvedic herbal preparations. From the intense tulsi to the warming ginger to the stimulating mints to the exotic saffron, these oils are familiar fragrances in Indian clinics and kitchens.

Many of these Indian aromatic treasures are exotic perfumes with exalted histories. From the sweet floral attars of rose and ginger lily to the mysterious lotuses, we offer a diverse palette of intoxicating botanical attars.

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