Agarwood: Be Careful What You Wish For!

December 20, 2012

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Holidays are here sprinkled with sparkling smiles, laughter like wind chimes and glistening little lights to brighten our spirits.  And wishing, wishing for good things for ourselves and our lives, our world, our neighbors and our children...

David tells a rich story of the wish fulfilling gem that is agarwood, oud.  When I first came to be a part of Floracopeia, or perhaps when Floracopeia first became a part of me, I met a tiny little vial of oud.  When I first breathed this oil in I was struck by memories, feelings, was as if this smell was remembering myself, gathering various aspects from lives lived and reassembling myself whole.  The smell was like the most delicious earth and musk and compost and love stirred together in a fairy's cauldron.  Ah, I was in love.  Oud made my heart sing.


In my life I was standing on a cusp where I found myself wishing for a new set of karmas to unfold.  I was just plain over the played out dramas of my mind.  From failed self-advocacy to nagging body image issues leftover from teenage years; I was confident I was ready for the next step in my path. So I took to my cushion.  I meditated for several weeks clearing my mind of these tired karmas.  I would open my meditation with that teeny bottle of oud in my hand. I would smile while listening to the story of its harvest: birds, fungus, luck and other things.  I would breath it in deeply and apply a precious drop below my nose and between my eyebrows.  And there I would sit.  I wished for the refreshing challenge of my next layer of samskaras to arrive. A few weeks passed with this practice until a day came that I will never forget.  That day I unexpectedly transformed into a mother. Layers of old dust ripped off my being.  I realized what I had been wishing for came true, a whole new set of karmas would surely unfold from this moment. Nearly six years and two wishes fulfilled later, my husband and I have two beautiful daughters.  I can assure you, my entirely new lessons gained about this world, love, about purpose and goodness have come to me on an enormous scale. Now I go to that precious vial of agarwood secure in the knowing of the mystery it contains. It is as sure as the memory of the feeling in my heart when I sat across from David, in the then tiny Floracopeia headquarters, sharing the news that his only employee was pregnant. Shop Agarwood Attar and Agarwood Incense Wood Chips
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