An Auspicious Encounter

September 8, 2013

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By David Crow Last year Sara and I were in the San Diego area for an event. I was approached by a young man who introduced himself as both a perfumer and a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which I thought was a very interesting combination of careers. We spent some time talking and I found that he was very inspired by the Floracopeia vision and mission of supporting sustainable production of aromatic treasures around the world. The next day he brought some of his collection of his own aromatic treasures. It was a fascinating encounter: he had a box full of not just one agarwood oil, but numerous types of agarwood oils from all over southeast Asia, some of which have been aged for 50 years. I asked him to give a brief presentation to the class, which offered a glimpse into his extensive knowledge. Since that time we have continued our dialogue, and I have now invited him to create a course of perfumery for Floracopeia. This course is based on our shared interest of sustainable, organic, high quality aromatic treasures from around the world, and the Floracopeia vision of applying essential oils in the most therapeutic ways. I'm very pleased to introduce you to J.K. DeLapp. JK DeLapp's courses: Aromatic Lifestyle - DIY Aromatic Products Aromatic Artistry - The Art of Botanical Perfumery
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