Breathing Deep With Aromatherapy

March 13, 2013

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One of the beautiful things about aromatherapy is its fast-acting effects on the body and mind. The instant the fragrance of an essential oil meets your awareness the benefits unfold.The easiest ways to use essential oils is direct or palm inhalation. There are many applications for direct or palm inhalations that I would like to share with you.

Direct inhalation is a fancy way of saying "smell the essential oil from the bottle". How easy is that? Simply open a bottle of essential oil and breath in the vapors of the oil. No application required.
When would you want to do this? Anytime you want to improve your mood, stimulate your mind or enhance your breathing.
Whenever I am traveling or entering a germ-filled environment I am sure to take a deep breath with a bottle of essential oil under my nose. Lavendertulsi and eucalyptus are some favorites for this purpose. Having an essential oil on hand is very handy when you encounter an unpleasant smell, a cough or sneeze, or want to invigorate or deepen your breathing.
I keep a bottle of peppermint in my desk for a quick direct inhalation when I need a pick me up and a bottle of Relax Blend for calm on a busy day.
Palm inhalations offer an even deeper experience of breathing in the oil. In this practice you apply the essential oils to your hands, cup the palms around the face and breath deeply. This is a heavenly practice to use when the nervous system is overwhelmed. A palm inhalation of lavendervetiver or clary sage can soothe and ground us.
Palm inhalations are also very useful when we are experiencing congestion from colds or allergies. A palm inhalation of eucalyptus or silver fir  found in Floracopeia's Breathe Blend can help support deeper breathing.
I also like to use palm inhalation when I am preparing for meditation. I choose oils like palo santofrankincensejasminechampa or rose to inhale before my yoga and meditation practice. The palm inhalation of these sacred oils opens up a meditative state.
You will find plenty of applications for this practice. Just keep a few of your favorite essentials oils with and put them to good use.
Please share your experiences with direct and palm inhalations below.
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