Colder Weather is on the Way: Try These 10 Tips for Purifying Your Body AND Your Space

September 10, 2020

Colder Weather is on the Way: Try These 10 Tips for Purifying Your Body AND Your Space

2020 has been full of unexpected twists and turns, to put it lightly.

Even in times of uncertainty, though, we can always count on Mother Nature to work her magic — and her beautiful seasons come and go with perfect timing...

As the fall season settles in and the shorter winter days get closer, are you making sure to shift your self-care routines, too?

As we know, the reduced sunlight in the winter months can affect the serotonin levels that drive our moods. As we’re stuck inside — with many of us continuing to shelter in place — caring for ourselves and creating a calm, healing, nourishing home environment is even more important than usual…

Here are 10 simple ways to take care of yourself and your space this time of year.

1. Keep Your Body Moving

You may have heard that sitting is the new smoking...

With a record number of people working from home — and making a “commute” of just a few steps to the living room, kitchen, or home office — you’re probably feeling this powerful truth more than ever.

No matter where you’re working these days, don’t forget to keep your body moving by building brief breaks into your work schedule. Even simply standing up and moving for 15 minutes can keep your body healthy — plus, it lifts your spirits and even helps you process information more efficiently.

When it comes to more extended workouts, the gym is still off-limits for many people. In the meantime, running, walking, or outdoor fitness classes when the weather allows can serve as your go-to activities.

You can also experiment with the many at-home workouts you’ll find online or through your favorite workout apps.

Did you know that even the act of scheduling time to exercise can be a form of self-care? You’re sending yourself the message that you matter, and you care about your health.

You’ll still want to follow through on your workouts, though! Especially in these more isolated times, try recruiting a friend or neighbor to join you. You’ll hold each other accountable and boost one another’s spirits.

Being in community — in any way you can — is always nourishing and an essential piece of self-care.

2. Swap Out Comfort Foods For Immunity-Boosting Favorites

Something about the cold weather and looser clothes can make us reach for our favorite rich, dense, warm foods. That’s certainly okay sometimes! If you overindulge though, you’ll only end up feeling heavier — both physically and emotionally.

It can certainly be tough to find local produce during the colder months. Thankfully, root vegetables like beets, carrots, and turnips can survive perfectly well in the cold. Try roasting carrots for beta-carotene, or boil turnips to get your vitamins C and A.

Soup is a cold-weather favorite — just be sure to skip the cream, salt, and beef. Instead, seek out recipes that call for a vegetable broth or water base, and plenty of vegetables.

Vitamin C is associated with enhanced immune function — and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower are packed with this health-boosting powerhouse. Fortunately, frozen versions of broccoli and cauliflower are just as nutritious if you can’t locate fresh options in the winter.

In addition to washing your hands regularly and keeping them clean when you’re on the go, these cruciferous vegetables can serve as a top defense against cold-weather illness.

3. Stay Hydrated

This one might seem obvious — but when you aren’t sweaty from the heat, it’s much easier to forget to drink your water!

The truth is, your body needs the same amount of water all year, so don’t let this self-care habit fall by the wayside.

4. Take Care of Your Skin

We’re all stuck inside more than usual these days — and the dry, cold air we’re blasted with this time of year can quickly dry out your skin...

It’s the perfect time of year to pamper yourself with your favorite moisturizer. Try our beloved Golden Beauty Body Creme for silky full-body moisture. It’s full of luscious plant butters, essential oils, and herbs for advanced hydration and renewal.

5. Get Outside When You Can

Being outside during the daylight, even when it’s cold out, helps boost your vitamin D levels, supports your immune system, and lifts your mood.

Spending time in nature eases your nervous system into a more relaxed state — reducing stress and lowering your blood pressure.

6. Choose a Time to Switch Off the Technology — And Stick to It

Decide what time you’d like to hit the “off” button for the day — meaning the moment you’ll stop working on your computer, cease scrolling social media, knock off the online shopping, put the brakes on texting, etc. Then keep this promise to yourself.

You’ll ease into the evening hours without staring at a screen, lower your stress levels, and let your mind rest.

7. Reflect & Renew

However you love to slow things down and embrace your inner calm, it’s the perfect time of year to make it a priority.

You might create a relaxing playlist of your favorite music, pour yourself a hot cup of tea, move through some relaxing yoga, or spend time on your favorite breathwork practice.

All these self-care techniques can help you stay grounded and motivated as they lower your blood pressure and improve immune system function.

8. Adopt Some New Houseplants

Indoor plants are known for cleansing and purifying the air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity, and producing oxygen.

When it comes to purifying your space, houseplants do it all. They absorb harmful odors and gases and minimize airborne pollutants — all while helping you boost your mood, increase productivity, uplevel your concentration and creativity, reduce stress, and more.

Are you making the most of plants’ healing power? It doesn’t take many! Even just a few houseplants can reduce the ozone levels in your home.

Some great houseplants to start with include: Boston ferns, Japanese royal ferns, spider plants, peace lilies, golden pothos, areca palms, English ivy, snake plants, and aloe vera.

9. Declutter Your Home 

Yes, decluttering is absolutely a form of self-care!

Truly effective self-care practices empower you to feel rejuvenated and energized. They help restore your body and mind to a positive state, even after a busy day, so you’re ready for whatever life brings. The practical power of decluttering has all these powerful effects and more...

Whether you have a long weekend to set aside, or just 10 minutes to spare, tackling the clutter in your home helps you create more time, energy, and freedom. And there’s every chance that something you don’t need or don’t love can serve someone else beautifully, so donate or upcycle away!

10. Purify Your Space & Your Mood With Essential Oils

Essential oils not only smell amazing, they’re potent air purifiers and powerful healing agents.

Your favorite essential oils are full of antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties… to name just a few of their powers.

Their therapeutic effects on the respiratory system — where allergy, cold, and flu germs often take hold — have been well-documented.

As the days grow shorter and our moods sometimes dip a bit lower this time of year, their ability to bring a sense of calm and emotional balance into your home is a much-needed gift.

With hundreds of different essential oils to choose from and countless combinations, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. We’ve curated powerful blends of essential oils to pop in your diffuser to purify both your mind and your living space with botanical healing...

Follow the links to learn more about our favorites:

Breathe essential oilA Floracopeia bestseller, Breathe Blend is a unique and beautifully fragrant essential oil formulation created to support your breath. An excellent diffuser blend of Eucalyptus, Silver Fir, and White Sage essential oil, it’s also perfect for regular direct palm inhalation.

Consistent use of Breathe Blend will support open and clear breathing.

Centered essential oilA powerful blend of two Floracopeia signature oils, Palo Santo and Lavender Kashmir, Centered Blend offers you grounding power to center your mind and intentions.

This versatile blend is perfect for everyday use. Keep in your pocket, purse, or desk and inhale it throughout the day to focus and calm your mind and leave behind overwhelm.

Relax Essential OilThe Relax Essential Oil Blend helps you instantly create a peaceful, serene environment.

Pop this blend into the diffuser to surround yourself with a wonderfully sweet, floral fragrance of fruitiness and spice that captures the aroma of the flowering Himalayan mountainside. Relax is a truly gorgeous blend of Lavender and Rhododendron essential oils.

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