Diffusing Essential Oils For Health And Wellness During Flu Season

January 16, 2013

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It's that time of year... Throughout the country, millions of people are struggling to protect themselves from the hardships of winter. The news is filled with flu season stories that can put everyone on edge. While it is important to be proactive, it is counterproductive to be fearful. Ayurveda refers to the winter months as the 'Vata' season. It is during this Vata time of year that our bodies tend to become dry and cold, and our nervous systems unstable. The kids are constantly wiping their noses, and many of us become dehydrated. Our respiratory systems may feel stressed and the general environment lends itself to lower vitality. However, this type of winter suffering is not necessary. As you probably know, there are many things that can be done to boost vitality before symptoms arrive (and nip them when they do!). One of the very best is diffusing 'winter weather' essential oils in your home throughout the season. Many years ago, David Crow, coined the term Community Immunity to describe the powerful health benefits of diffusing essential oils. Essential oils are the concentrated immune system of the  plant. When we diffuse the oils, we receive the benefits of the plant's immune intelligence in our home atmosphere...simple and effective! "One of the recent discoveries of aromatic research is that the antimicrobial effects of essential oils are most potent not when the oil is used in liquid form, as when applying tea tree to a fungal infection, but when pathogens are exposed to the vapors of the oils. This means that the most effective way of utilizing essential oils for reducing atmospheric contagion, neutralizing air-borne illnesses and enhancing immunity is through the use of aromatic diffusers, ionizers, and nebulizers." -David Crow There is nothing more powerful for maintaining health through the Vata season than diffusing these 'Community Immunity' essential oils in your home. Here are some of the best oils from which to choose. Any of them will work, and often combining multiple oils will increase their effectiveness. Forest Blend Legends Protection Blend Eucalyptus Lavender Lemon Palo Santo Silver Fir Tulsi Click Here for even more essential oil blends and single oils. Here's to your health…Enjoy!
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