DIY Uses for Flower of the Sun Essential Oil Blend

August 2, 2021

DIY Uses for Flower of the Sun Essential Oil Blend

What is Flower of the Sun Essential Oil Blend?

flower of the sun essential oil

Flower of the Sun Essential Oil Blend is a beautifully balanced blend of essential oils from four species of Helichrysum in a base of Rosehip Seed Oil.

This potent, healing tonic for the skin can be used on the face and body for a fast-absorbing, nourishing moisturizer.

Helichrysum has been used in numerous ethnobotanical traditions for a wide variety of conditions. Rosehip seed oil boasts very rapid skin absorption, leaving gorgeously softened and restored skin behind. This powerhouse combination is a luxurious skin ally and makes a perfect carrier oil for essential oils for perfumes, skin afflictions, massage oils, and more.


Flower of the Sun Essential Oil Blend is gentle enough for everyday use on the face and body to promote well-balanced, healthy skin. But it’s a powerful healer for skin woes as well.

It can:

  • Relieve and comfort irritated or troubled skin
  • Build strength and replenish skin vitality
  • Reduce the appearance of scars or aging
  • Quickly heal and soothe sunburns
  • Smooth rough, dry skin
  • Cleanse without clogging pores
  • Support cellular regeneration and circulation for a beautiful complexion
  • Offer lightweight and fast-absorbing penetrating hydration


Flower of the Sun Oil has many uses on its own or in combination with other organic botanicals — an everyday full-body moisturizer, a facial cleanser, massage oil, or carrier oil base for innumerable organic DIY recipes.

woman washing faceFacial Cleanser

Many facial cleansers leave your skin dry, tight, and unbalanced because they strip away your skin’s natural balancing properties with harsh chemicals.Add Flower of the Sun Essential Oil Blend to your routine as a natural oil cleanser to avoid overdrying with synthetic cleansers. It can clean pores of dirt and debris, while nourishing a natural balance for healthy skin.

To use Flower of the Sun Essential Oil Blend as a facial cleanser, place a small amount in your palm and massage into your skin. Then, gently wipe the oil away with a warm, wet, soft cloth.

woman putting lotion on leg

Massage Oil

For our “Dream Connection” massage oil, try this powerhouse trio of essential oils in 2 ounces of Flower of the Sun Oil. This is best used before bed due to the soporific properties of Jatamansi (which should be omitted if you are using during the day):

*Please note that grapefruit is a member of the citrus family, and it is recommended that it is not used on skin that will be exposed to sun within 8 hours, as it is phototoxic.

lavender bulgaria oil bottle

Aromatic Perfumed Moisturizer

For an all-over glow and air of perfumey sensuality, try adding these essential oils independently or in a complementary blend:

massaging foot

Rejuvenating Foot Massage

If you’re active or on your feet most of the day, nothing sounds quite as relaxing as a foot massage before putting them up for the evening. This quick DIY recipe will treat your hard-working feet to a soothing, cooling, moisturizing experience that keeps working hard long after you’ve stopped to rest.

Other Organic Carrier Oils

We love Flower of the Sun Essential Oil Blend for its fast-absorbing, skin healing properties, which are amplified by the addition of four different types of revered Helichrysum.

woman in yellow dress laying in grass

However, there are some other incredible carrier oils that restore skin vitality, deeply moisturize, and act as a healing base for other essential oils.

The following carrier oils may replace Flower of the Sun in any of the previous recipes. Check them out to see which oil is best suited for your skin desires.

Jojoba Carrier Oil: This vitamin, mineral, and nutrient-rich oil mimics your skin’s natural sebum and is a crowd-favorite for restoring moisture and skin health.

Argan Oil: This lightweight radiance-promoting oil for head-to-toe nourishment absorbs quickly into both skin and hair and helps restore luster and shine to both.

Champa Infused Almond Oil: A beautifully sweet fragrance accompanies this hydrating, vitality-boosting carrier oil.

These organic botanicals help restore your inner radiance and glow without preservatives, synthetics, or chemical ingredients that can do more harm than good.

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