Enhance The Art Of Seduction

January 20, 2012

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aromatica-erotica11 Learn the fine art of using all of your senses to bring alive a full expression of heart-centered sensuality, passion and seduction. Learn how to use plants to enhance and awaken ones passionate heart. Begin with food, libations, flirting, intimate love letters, poetry, and massage using your own custom love potion. Open up a whole new world by increasing your inherent sensuality and attracting more love and abundance into your life. Start on your journey by creating your own aromatic love potion or natural fragrance with Kris Wrede…Aromatic Alchemist. Learn to rekindle the romance in your relationship, adding more passion and excitement. For those looking for a partner it will help them feel more self confident and desirable, and open yourself up to be the god or goddess within that you truly are. Essential oils have been used for 1000’s of years and are all plant based, and have the uncanny ability to enhance your own innate sexual chemistry  by enhancing your pheromones. Join Kris as she creates fragrance memories that will last a lifetime. She will teach you how to create a glorious aromatic concoction using natural floral absolutes and exotic essential oils. This heady concoction is tailored to your desires, an unparalleled representation of your essence. Classy, elegant, passionate, warm, exotic....you decide what theme to satisfy your senses. This aromatic journey will transport you into the ancient world of alchemy and seduce you with lush and exotic natural essences. Essences including Blue Lotus, Cardamom, and Jasmine Sambac from India, Rose Otto and Zdravetz from Bulgaria, Petitgrain Sur Fleur and Rose Geranium from South Africa, and Ylang Ylang from Madagascar. The Latin word for perfume is actually “per-fumem”, translated as “through smoke”. In Cleopatra’s era and before scent was used on the body and hair, as a love potion, aesthetically and as medicine.  The strongest parts of macerated plant and flower essences were burned on altars as an offering to the Gods. One of the greatest legends steeped in scent is when Julius Caesar met Cleopatra for the first time. She knew that she had to win Caesar over in order to keep her dominion over her precious Egypt. Caesar was awaiting patiently in the harbor, while Cleo silently plotted away. She created a love potion so powerful that no one could resist it, even the most powerful man in the world. She was known as the most seductive and cunning woman of her day, and applied the potion all over her body and hair in copious quantities. She then chose a tapestry of exquisite detail imported from Persia, and her manservant wrapped her in it as an offering and rowed out to Caesar’s boat. As the servant slowly unfurled the carpet Caesar felt himself become dizzy with scent….besotted. He was even more chagrined when Cleopatra was slowly released from the offering festooned with ribbons of scent. He was amused but also enchanted by this sorceress, and so did one of the greatest love stories of all time begin. That is of course until Marc Anthony hit the scene! Register for the Free Jan 24th Webcast: Aromatica Erotica: How To Make A Love Potion
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