Essential Oils to Help You Connect With All the Astrological Signs in Your Life

essential oils holistic health May 19, 2022

Your sun sign or zodiac sign is determined by the position of the sun on the day you were born. Astrological signs correspond to birthdays, and each has an associated element: water, fire, earth, or air.

Understanding zodiac signs can help you identify the traits, weaknesses, and strengths of friends and loved ones, ultimately boosting your ability to connect and form strong relationships.

How Can Essential Oils Help You Find Common Ground?

Essential oils are plant-based therapeutic tools that can help balance out moodiness, manic energy, and distraction — or illuminate the best traits of any sign, including friendliness, ease, and social connection.

Essential oils are potent, yet gentle, companions for mind, body, and spirit, and can support our best selves while bringing out the best in others.

Pay special attention to your sign to see how you can use oils to balance and enhance your best traits.

Essential Oils for Connecting More Deeply With Any Astrological Sign

Let’s look at the best essential oils to support and balance every sign, so you’ll feel equipped to create the most fruitful interactions with any sign in your life.


If you have a close Aries friend, you’ll recognize their ambition. They are bold, and love competition and challenges, often diving head-first into difficult projects and situations. Though admirable, they can be headstrong and stubborn, and may not necessarily want to take your advice or slow down when they need to. These natural-born warriors battle hard for causes they believe in — which is great when they are on your side… but if they aren’t?

Rose Geranium Essential Oil can help Aries find their collaborative muscles, reducing stress and opening up social channels.


Taurus signs are amazingly loyal to the people and ideas they love — and they can be fiercely stubborn, too.

Taurus also loves the good life and craves luxury and finer things. As an Earth sign, they have material longings and adore comfort and beauty.

A Taurus may experience a bit of “keeping up with the Joneses” and

become insecure or even defensive about their material things. The beautiful Palmarosa Essential Oil will appeal to their sense of luxury while also helping them calm their insecurities. It can be used on the skin to purify, clarify, and promote cellular renewal. Just gift them this essential oil and encourage them to add a drop or two to their facial serum or moisturizer.


Oh, dear restless Gemini. If you have a Gemini friend, their indecision and high levels of energy may make you crazy. They are always changing their interests, moving toward the next thing, and experiencing conflicting thoughts. But, they are the life of the party, chatty, conversational, intellectually stimulating, and imaginative.

Loyal and in love with life, they make everything more exciting (and exhausting if you have trouble keeping up). They live life to the fullest and are constantly on the go.

If you find yourself battling the many minds of a Gemini, bring in Tulsi (Holy Basil) Essential Oil. It can help a distracted, indecisive Gemini focus and fight the exhaustion that comes from overanalyzing options.


Cancers are deeply in touch with their emotions and have trouble concealing them, meaning they can seem moody, defensive, and self-protective. But when they are comfortable and feeling their best, they are very sympathetic, thoughtful, loving, and kind, and love to experience authentic emotional connection. They’re very in touch with emotions and can use them to get their way by manipulating those of others. This complex sign can suffer from anxiety and depression.

Cancers prefer small group interactions and can get overwhelmed with disingenuous chatter at larger gatherings.

If you need to bring a Cancer out of her shy, crabby shell, try Rose Geranium Essential Oil to help her open up.


Leos are passionate and committed. They’re natural-born leaders and enjoy being recognized and seen as important. These fiery trailblazers have high self-esteem and can be proud, often sharing their own wins with others in a way that might feel like bragging or seeking recognition. But, often, they do earn it! Intense hustlers, they put in the work, and have high expectations of themselves and outcomes. They’re ambitious and lively, and sometimes it leads to burnout.

If you notice a Leo in your life becoming sluggish, frustrated, or burned out from overly ambitious plans, share Bhutan Cypress Essential Oil with them. It can help calm the nervous system, soothe hormonal imbalances, clear stagnant air and energy — and help your bold and ambitious Leo get back on track to achieve their goals.


Virgos are workaholics. Although they may appear stabilized, practical, and grounded on the exterior, they may be suffering from the anxiety of perfectionism on the inside. They may have a touch of OCD, and know exactly how they want things. But that may be because of their eye for the small details, which can make them nitpicky, neat, and tidy.

Because of their penchant for perfectionism, they can overthink to the

point of needless obsession, putting off work or decisions until they feel they have all the details worked out.

This can be exhausting if you’re working with a Virgo. To maintain the flow of activity and avoid analysis paralysis, try Clary Sage Essential Oil. It can help your Virgo unwind, relax, and reduce tension between them and others. Ultimately, it can help them loosen their grip on the reigns and relinquish control.


Libras are often charming and easygoing. They want peace and balance and hate drama. They have a unique skill of being able to see situations from every side, so will play devil’s advocate if they feel something or someone is unfairly represented and needs support.

They’re mediators and powerful communicators who long for understanding among everyone. They fear being disliked and pursue being understood to avoid conflict.

Rosemary can help Libras stand up for themselves and find conviction in what they truly believe in. If you suspect a Libra you care about is being conciliatory and agreeable rather than transparent about how they feel, bring in Rosemary Essential Oil to help them find their own voice.


Scorpios are the most passionate of astrological signs. They can be strong-willed, jealous, determined, assertive, and focused. They may often be seen as controlling. You’ll always know where you stand with a Scorpio, like it or not, because they’re very honest and direct. They love a challenge and the process of pursuing it, but may find they’re bored with or unattached to the outcome.

They can be unforgiving, yet are intensely loyal to those that are in their corner.

Spirit Essential Oil Blend can be a powerful tool for connecting with intense Scorpios and helping them open up to a more spiritual approach to life. It can help ease their control issues, soften their approach to relationships, and recognize emotions while not overreacting to them.


Sagittarius is an explorer, jet-setter, and traveler who loves any new experience, including people. They’re the life of the party, always with a new story and high energy. They have high levels of self-esteem and confidence and know their self-worth. Admirable, intelligent, and independent, they seem to live a life of freedom.

However, all the adventure can take its toll on their physical body, as well as drain their energy. They’re often impulsive and rush into things,

maybe saying yes and committing when they don’t have the bandwidth, leaving them feeling overwhelmed.

If you’ve got a charming, fun, life-of-the-party Sag in your romantic life, you may find they sometimes need help coming down to earth and directing their attention on you. Jasmine Absolute Oil, Night Blooming is a sensual oil to help your Sag find beauty in the mundane, slow down, and focus so they can better connect emotionally and more deeply when it matters.


Capricorns are incredible forces of determination. Always working hard, looking to improve processes, and themselves, they never seem to stop. They are ambitious and determined and may be seen as perfectionists. Always on the move, they may need help to be reeled in and slow down.

They’re stubborn, know what they want, and sometimes just wish other people would fall in line so they could get it sooner. If you’re dealing

with a Capricorn who can’t think outside the box and you’d like them to try something new, diffuse some Frankincense Essential Oil. It will foster their emotional and spiritual sides, helping them break free from the chains of the process as they open their imagination.


Aquarius is an air sign and needs no help tapping into its creative side. They are wildly imaginative and eccentric but may need a little support to bring their ingenuity to life.

They can be private introverts, and very shy. They enjoy their alone time and have no problem spending time inside their own minds, thinking deeply about everything. Aquarius signs are free spirits, not bound by societal expectations and rules. They’re pioneering, innovative, and can become bored easily. They hate restrictions and can be overly assertive.

They live by their own rules and ethics but are often strong social justice advocates. They can seem aloof, and their priorities may not make sense to others, but they’re often prioritizing what is needed most at the moment. Individual relationships can suffer because Aquariuses are big-picture thinkers.

Blue Chamomile Essential Oil can be a communication aid when you’re struggling to understand where an Aquarius is coming from. Give them a chance to explain, and you’ll often see their decisions were founded on good-intentioned logic.


A Pisces can be seen as a bit of a dreamer. However, they’re wildly compassionate, empathetic, kind, and generous. They’re usually upbeat and try to see the best in situations and people. Deeply intuitive and intelligent, they’re highly sensitive to others’ energy.

Honest and trusting, they have high moral standards and want to believe there’s good in the world. They’re also prone to feelings of guilt and may be taken advantage of more than other signs.

They can be frustratingly indecisive which stems from overanalyzing outcomes and seeing a variety of points of view. These artistic, dreamy Pisces have vivid imaginations and can also seem impractical and sentimental at times.

If you’re feeling impatient with a day-dreaming Pisces that’s focused on impracticalities, pull them back to earth and ground them with Vetiver Essential Oil. It makes a lovely massage oil when blended with Jojoba Carrier Oil or can be diffused in an office or when studying.

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