Floracopeia Diffuser Blends: The Easiest Way to Use An Aromatherapy Diffuser

November 1, 2012

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If you are new to diffusing essential oils, you might want to start with an Essential Oil Blend formulated for diffusing. Floracopeia has a unique line of 100% pure, undiluted Essential Oil Blends that can be added directly to your diffuser.

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David Crow, the founder of Floracopeia, formulated a line of diffuser blends based on his awareness of the benefits of combining essential oils for diffusing. This line of Community Immunity Diffuser Blends was inspired by the botanical wisdom present in various ecosystems.

From the Desert - we take the cleansing and purifying oils of Frankincense papyrifera, White Sage and lemonbush.

From the Garden - Clary Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme- an uplifting and simple way to bring the outdoors in.

From the Forest- Angelica and Conifer oils such as Pine, Spruce, Silver Fir. This blend is particularly supportive for the respiratory system.

From the Fields- a warming blend of cymbopogans, or grasses, such as lemongrass, gingergrass, African Bluegrass and Jamrosa. This invigorating blend is great for diffusing on cooler mornings or when the mind needs clearing.

And From the Orchard- A refreshing blend of citrus and crisp eucalyptus.

In addition to the Community Immunity Blends, Floracopeia recently added two new diffuser blends to its Essential Oil Blends line.

At the start of the school year, Floracopeia’s Focus Blend was launched. This blend of Lavender, Rosemary, Tulsi, Peppermint and Melissa has been a big hit with teachers and students of all ages. Focus Blend was inspired by the traditional use of these essential oils for clearing the mind and supporting focus. The traditional benefits of these oils have been supported by current research which confirms their effectiveness. In addition to its support in enhancing mental clarity and focus, Focus Blend is great to diffuse for winter wellness.

Floracopeia is now launching a new blend - the Little Angels Blend- which is designed to support calm moods in children as well as adults. This soothing blend of Cape Chamomile, Lavender, Cedar and Vetiver is sure to be a favorite with parents everywhere! This is a great blend to diffuse anytime emotions overcome us, or at bedtime as we drift off to restful sleep.

All of these blends smell wonderful and contain pure, undiluted essential oils. These blends are ready to be added to your diffuser to fill your home with the powerful healing energy of the plants.

Just add your blend directly to your diffuser, turn the diffuser on and you are ready to benefit from these essential oils. Few things so simple have such a big impact on our health. Share your essential oils with everyone that walks into your home, workplace or classroom by diffusing regularly.

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