Floracopeia Introduces New Line of Natural Perfumes- The Chandra Collection: Infused Perfumes

April 27, 2012

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The Art of Perfumery extends far back into the history of humanity. Essential oils and Absolutes have been extracted from the World’s most exotic flowers in an effort to preserve their aromatic beauty and extend their floral fragrance to the lucky recipient of the precious oil. In the words of David Crow, “Perfumes are the messengers of attraction, sensual pleasure, erotic enticement, and passionate excitement. Just as flowers secrete their nectars to attract pollinators for the perpetuation of their species, so too do humans use perfumes to enhance their attractiveness and signal their interest in love and intimacy.” In a world bombarded by synthetic fragrances that are designed to confuse the senses, we at Floracopeia, are pleased to offer you an experience of true luxury designed with nature’s sophistication and made from only the finest ingredients. chandra-2-2012-1019x400 Floracopeia has developed a new line of Natural Perfumes for connoisseurs who are looking for exotic floral perfumes made from true absolutes and pure essential oils. Aptly named "The Chandra Collection" in honor of the moon, these floral perfumes inspire the goddess within every woman. In developing a line of this caliber, we sourced the best floral absolutes and essential oils and blended them into jojoba oil which acts as a stable and suitable base for Natural Perfumes. In addition this creates a high quality natural perfume that is also affordable. You could purchase the entire Chandra Collection for much less than the cost of an individual bottle of rose otto! The Chandra Collection includes the Infused perfumes of Champa, Jasmine, Neroli, Rose Petal and Tuberose. Champa_small_CMChampa Infused Perfume is created from the sacred, sweet Champa flowers of India. These fragrant flowers adore temples as a testament to their elevating fragrance. Exotic and unique, one must experience the fragrance of Champa to grasp its complex and transcendent qualities. Rosa_bourbonica_Rajasthan_DC_640x431Rose Petal Infused Perfume is the newest addition to the vast history of rose perfume and offers us feelings of wellbeing upon the first inhalation. Rose Petals have been a key ingredient in perfumes since the art was developed. Floracopeia’s Rose Petal Infused Perfume is a beautiful fragrance on its own or can be combined with your other favorite oils to create a unique signature scent. Citrus_auranti_neroli_W_640x480 Neroli Infused Perfume is an uplifting floral fragrance that reminds many of warm and carefree summer days. Orange Blossom fragrance is clean and sophisticated, a refreshing addition to your perfume collection. Jasmine_Grandiflorum_dawn_blooming_jasmine_CMJasmine Infused Perfume captures the heavenly aroma of jasmine and is easily used to enhance attraction. Jasmine flowers are woven into the women’s hair in an effort to increase one’s beauty and desire. Jasmine Infused Perfume is an accessible way to benefit from the power of the delicate jasmine flower. tuberose_flowers_640x431 Tuberose Infused Perfume is a deep and seductive floral fragrance that brings to mind exotic islands and amorous encounters. With an earthy, musk note this Infused Perfume can be used as a base note and blended with other more delicate fragrances such as jasmine to produce an other-worldly perfume. Sold individually or as a complete set, these Infused Perfumes are intended to be applied directly to the skin and offer hours of fragrance. As an alternative to synthetic perfumes, natural perfumes are much less likely to aggravate sensitivities and provide true pleasure to both our nose and our nervous system. To quote David Crow, "Botanical Perfumes are food for your body at the molecular level. They go into your skin, they are digested and they become part of your own body fragrance." Whereas synthetic perfumes sit on the skin and cover, instead of enhance, one’s own natural fragrance. In addition, natural perfumes made from true absolutes and essential oils offer us the healing benefits of the flowers they are created from. Flowers offer feelings of wellbeing and are uplifting to our spirit. The Chandra Collection includes five powerful floral perfumes that have a profoundly positive effect on our psyche. Experience the full Chandra Collection to find your signature floral fragrance.

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