The Healing Power of Flowers: Nature’s Beautiful Botanicals

June 10, 2021

The Healing Power of Flowers: Nature’s Beautiful Botanicals

Before there were labs and lists of ingredients we couldn’t pronounce, there were plants.

 And those plants were nourishing tools to protect, heal, and rejuvenate our bodies.

Today as we discover the physical, emotional, and environmental toll of synthetic chemicals and toxins, it’s becoming evident that nature has always provided exactly what we need…in a manner that perpetuates good health and wellbeing for all.

 Some of nature’s best botanical secrets lay hidden in flowers, such as rose, helichrysum, and ylang-ylang.

 These powerful and precious flowers offer a myriad of healing properties: antimicrobial, antioxidant, inflammation reduction, stress relief, sleep promotion, and more. They delight our senses, heal our physical bodies, and promote internal wellbeing, organically — the way nature intended.

A flower to balance any skin type

Take Immortelle, for instance. This mood-boosting, stress-relieving essential oil from the Helichrysum plant is rich in skin-healing properties. It rejuvenates and balances aging or damaged skin, promotes cell turnover, and heals tissue damage.

On top of its wondrous skin health properties, it also calms anger and cools an overheated body.

Try our wild-harvested Helichrysum essential oil from Corsica, our sustainably cultivated and distilled Helichrysum italicum, or this sweet Helichrysum blend, perfect for its therapeutic properties to soothe physical fatigue and promote muscle relaxation. 

A flower for a rejuvenated psyche

Jasmine is widely recognized for its sweet, aromatic appeal. It can be used to soothe tired muscles and irritated skin, as well as open the lungs. But its healing properties go beyond that.

Jasmine absolute is a tool for rejuvenating the psyche and emotional realm.  It enhances confidence and optimism and is known for its passion-evoking properties.

If you’re looking for a little romance, try the intoxicating and irresistible essential oil of this night-blooming flower, Jasmine absolute.

A flower for stress-relieving perfume

And if you love natural healing power, lavender is a multi-functional gem. Inhaling it relaxes the mind, reduces worry, and instills deep contentment.  Like Helichrysum, it can also cool overheated bodies and is great for skin troubles.

Lavender Bulgaria is a lovely, herbaceous flower with a robust scent, perfect for blending with other healing flowers, like chamomile or rose for delightful, intricate aromas.

Lavender Kashmir is even stronger on relaxation properties than its Bulgarian counterpart because of its high linalool content. Its complex scent is lighter and slightly sweet and grassy.

A flower for moon cycles 

Another highly fragrant and versatile flower essential oil is rose geranium. Calming and grounding, rose geranium is a perfect companion for a woman’s moon cycle, easing stress and worry and promoting feelings of holistic wellbeing. It stimulates vitality and emits a beautiful bouquet with floral hints elevated by citrus. This captivating healing flower oil balances oily or dry skin, returning it to a healthy, soft suppleness.

A flower for mood and skin stabilization

Ylang-ylang has been known to create a gentle euphoria that can uplift moods and stabilize overexcitement. This grounding flower essential oil not only balances emotions to bring them to an ideal state — it has the same effect on skin and hair. Clarifying, soothing, and calming, ylang-ylang regulates our skin’s natural sebum. It also makes hair fuller and more illustrious by encouraging strength and growth. This mystical essential oil is known to foster peace, joy, inner trust, and creativity.

If you need it, nature provides it

Nature has peppered beautiful healing flowers across the globe; and some of these gorgeous blooms hold beautifying properties for our very own skin and hair, as well as providing healing power to our emotional states.

If you need it, nature provides it. We just sustainably and ethically bottle it.

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