Healing Naturally with Flower Essences

May 20, 2021

Healing Naturally with Flower Essences

Flower essences have long been used across the world as powerful healing tools to promote spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

We’ve been turning to plant medicine for centuries to heal our physical wounds, comfort our emotional stressors, and elevate our spiritual intuition.

And these days, as we find ourselves so disconnected from nature, flower essence tinctures are a way to organically ground us, heal us, and return us to a more natural and balanced state.

Healing Social Disconnect

Sometimes we don’t feel in sync with other people. We feel withdrawn, drained of energy, or even misunderstood — as though the world we’re experiencing isn’t shared with those around us. In fact, during this challenging time, this disconnect can feel more prevalent than before. 

If you’re suffering from feelings of social disconnect, it may indicate a period of growth or change. When it's prolonged or seemingly unprovoked, though, you may need something that can keep you from plummeting further into a social funk. 

Calendula Flower Essence Tincture is a gentle formula that can help you find common ground with those around you. It strengthens personal empowerment, receptivity, and balance. By helping you release feelings of tension that may make you clam up in social circumstances, it returns you to the present. It promotes a confident centeredness so you’re more in touch with yourself and your inner truth. Calendula encourages self-love and inner nurturing, which can foster openness and receptivity outward.

Healing Spiritual Blocks

Overactive minds can agitate and make for sleepless nights.  This off-centeredness can keep us restless and feeling depleted, exhausted, and spiritually blocked. 

Passionflower Essence Tincture is a soothing way to relax the nervous system and align your energy chakras for a balanced flow. It eases the physical body to enhance spiritual illumination and insight. For clarity, tranquility, and reconnection with your spiritual self, Passionflower Essence Tincture is a healing companion. 

Healing Emotional Scars

Emotional suffering has lasting effects on our psyche, interpersonal connections, concentration, and view of our self and purpose. It can keep us from being our best selves or reaching for our dreams.

A few drops daily of  Sacred Basil Flower Essence Tincture can improve your resistance to daily stress and help resolve emotional scars. This healing tincture instills purity, compassion, and gratitude, offering an improved outlook on life. It can help you focus on and nourish your dreams and self-contentment, moving away from old emotional traumas that hold you back. 

Healing the Immune System

These days, we all face some sort of immune threat —winter colds and flus, spring allergies, and a yearlong global pandemic. It’s smart to invest in your immune system health, especially when it offers other therapeutic benefits and it’s so easy to make it part of your daily routine.

The purifying elements of Rose Flower Essence Tincture make it a gentle, beautiful way to add an immune boost to your day. It supports digestion with healthy flora, and addresses Liver qi stagnation, which frequently manifests as constraint and internal pressure during stressful times, toxicity, hormonal fluctuations, and emotional struggles.

On top of its physical benefits, it’s a superior tincture for emotional support as well, relieving sadness, grief, heartbreak, and persistent emotional trauma. While these emotional troubles can burden your immune system, Rose Flower Essence Tincture offers you inner strength, supporting a healthy foundation for holistic wellbeing.

Healing the Heart

Stress and anxiety can create a burdened heart. And no matter what our lives look like, most of us seem to experience stress and anxiety of some kind — it seems to be a built-in part of the human experience. 

Hawthorn Flower Essence Tincture is a botanical made for restless hearts. It supports emotional healing, activates courage, strengthens the ability to make meaningful connections with others, and initiates the opening of the heart, making space for love. 

In addition to its emotionally supportive attributes, it improves cardiovascular health by building heart muscles and controlling cholesterol levels. It calms the nervous system and European doctors recommended it for aging hearts.

Healing the Tension

Tension, agitation, feelings of fatigue, and low energy plague us all. It may impact our nervous system, digestion, and immunity levels, manifesting in a variety of physical, emotional, and mental ways.

Lavender Flower Essence Tincture is a wonderfully healing tincture for the nervous system and beyond. It washes away tension and encourages feelings of clarity, focus, and alignment with our true inner wisdom. It’s a formula for relaxation, restfulness, and lifting the spirits. 

It’s also a powerful tincture for feminine healing and rebalancing during cycles — ushering away pain, discomfort, and agitating tensions caused by hormonal fluctuations. 

Flower Essence Tinctures for Healing

These healing tinctures have elements to support the mind, body, and spirit, and enhance energy flow for a balanced whole. They are a natural way to heal your wounds and center, protect, and soothe your energy centers.

Flower Essence Tinctures are all gentle enough to be taken orally, and daily, for a prolonged period of time to maintain healthy energy flow and holistic wellbeing. 

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