How to Choose Holiday Gifts They’ll Love — And Reflect What Matters Most

November 14, 2020

How to Choose Holiday Gifts They’ll Love  — And Reflect What Matters Most

The holiday season is upon us… 

Here in our Floracopeia family (of which you’re an essential member!) we care deeply about our planet and where our purchases come from... 

This time of year, we’d much rather share what matters most — as we cherish the people who matter most. (You can check out our 2020 Gift Guides here.)

Mass-produced, cookie-cutter gifts no one asked for and likely won’t use? Let’s skip those! 

And we refuse to overlook the tragic impacts of unethical labor, ecological damage, and profound waste that go into making more and more stuff.

Like you, we believe in giving gifts that make a positive impact, tell a unique story, support small businesses and sustainable ecological projects — and share a little more about who you are and what matters most.

Here are three tips to start this gift-giving season off right...

1. Get clear on what ‘the spirit of giving’ means to you.

Why do we give gifts? It’s so expected in our culture that it’s easy to rush through the season without contemplating it. 

When you give a true gift, you’re sharing something willingly without expecting anything in return. It makes your recipient feel special and reminds them you’re thinking of them. 

Especially these days, gifts have the power to strengthen the bonds with loved ones you might not see as often as you’d like.

And of course, the happiness you get from opening a gift is only temporary, but giving provides a deeply fulfilling experience that lasts much longer.

2. Give yourself permission to align with what matters most to you during this gift-giving season — and every day of the year.

Gift-giving should never be a chore — it should come from the heart. And since it comes from your heart, you should be able to recognize your values in each gift you give.

Your gifts can tell the story of what you hold most dear.

For example, earlier this year we shared all about how our organic, cold-pressed argan oil comes to you directly from the women-led argan oil cooperatives of Tamanar, Morocco. 

Our extended Florecopia family includes the many artisans, connoisseurs, and families whose paths cross with ours as the earth’s treasures make their way to you.

Like you, we value investing in our suppliers, co-creating alongside them, and learning more about who they are.

The powerful women of Tamanar are celebrated for their dedication to integrity that touches every part of what they do — from how they train and care for their team members, to the careful extraction methods of their treasured Argan oil, to their devotion to a healthy rainforest, and more.

When we learned about the deeply conscious work they were doing throughout Morocco, we couldn’t wait to be part of it.

A steady income has empowered these families to afford healthcare, invest in education for their children and literacy programs for adults, and more. The cooperatives’ production of organic Argan oil is supporting and financially changing the lives of an estimated three million people.

Sharing their treasures with you means the world to us — and it’s the perfect time of year for you to pay it forward and share with your loved ones, too.

3. Skip the customary fruitcake and cookies — and support those with health and wellness goals.

Imagine a world where we didn’t fall into the abyss of holiday overconsumption. 

Where our exercise routines, healthy eating philosophies, and self-care practices didn’t fall by the wayside as we move through the season.

Our culture isn’t quite there yet! But we can still be trailblazers when it comes to creating a healthier approach to the holidays.

So many of our loved ones strive to prioritize their wellbeing through healthy eating and exercise — and by reducing stress with intentional, mindful practices... 

As a lifelong wellness seeker, you’re very well-equipped to give gifts and share resources that can support their health lifestyle.

Our Holiday Gift Guides Makes Shopping For Sustainable, Ethical Gifts Beautifully Simple

Our 2020 Gift Guides include brand-new curated botanical collections — only available for a limited-time.

Giving gifts that support what matters most has never been easier. Whether it’s a new essential oil, skincare product, or other botanical treasure, your loved ones will rave about these high-quality products.

Do you have skincare aficionados in your life? 

Perhaps you have some essential oil collectors on your list — or even better, you have someone in mind who hasn’t yet discovered essential oils’ transformative power, and you’ve been waiting for the right occasion to introduce them.

Or maybe you’re on a budget? Our Gifts Under $50 guide will help you share our botanical gems with even more loved ones.

You can explore all of our guides full of gifts you’ll feel great about  

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