Incense Meditation for the New Year

December 21, 2012

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The New Year is an important time of year for reflecting on the year past and for opening up to the energy of the year ahead. A champagne toast at midnight is one way to celebrate, but you can incorporate a more sacred element into calling in the new year using natural incense resins and essential oils. To close the past year, take some time to reflect on the big events of the year as well as the more subtle realizations and lessons learned. Deepen your meditation by anointing yourself with essential oils or natural perfumesSandalwood oilpalo santo oil and frankincense oil have been prized for their ability to assist us in accessing the quieter, wiser aspects of ourselves. The floral oils help open our hearts and guide us in accessing our more subtle aspects. Rose oil, lotus attar and jasmine oil are wonderful for this purpose. Placing a drop of natural perfume on the heart, forehead and crown of the head offers us cleansing and enhances our energy in preparation for meditation. You can also anoint your feet, solar plexus and both of your hands. Once anointed, take some time to review the year and the lessons learned in quiet contemplation. You can move through each calendar month, or review different important areas of your life - love, work, home, family, friends, spirituality - and focus on the key events that occurred this year. Once you feel like you have done the year justice, you can move into the next step of ceremony by lighting incense charcoal and placing it in a bowl burner. Now you'll want to release any energy that does not need to follow into the new year. Frankincense incense resin is wonderful for this purpose as it offers cleansing and protection properties. Burning natural incense resins can create the space needed to transform anxiety, anger and frustrations into more useful emotions and energy. Let each frankincense-infused breath carry away whatever it is that you are ready to let go of as the year comes to a close. natural incense resins Once you feel you have cleared the energy that no longer serves you, shift your focus to what you want to bring into the New Year. The resin I naturally gravitate to for this purpose is agarwood. I love to combine agarwood and palo santo wood. I place a small amount of agarwood with a few pieces of palo santo wood shavings on a charcoal. These two smell amazing together! Agarwood is known as a wish-fulfilling gem and palo santo is known as the Wood of the Saints. Together they offer both the wisdom to know your true purpose and the power to bring that purpose into reality. Now shift your meditation to all that you want to bring into the New Year - for yourself, your friends and family and the world. Dream big in this moment and express all that you wish to create in the coming year. While the incense is still burning, take out a special pen and some beautiful paper and write down your ideas and inspiration for the coming year. This special ceremony offers closure for the year behind and intention for the year ahead. Keep your page of ideas and intentions accessible so that you can review it throughout the year to remind you of your highest intentions. This is a lovely practice to do on your own or with friends and family to magnify each other's intentions and unite in your purpose. Happy New Year!
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