Introducing Elsholtzia: A Healthy Ally from the Himalayas

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Are you looking for something refreshing to help support your family’s well-being as we settle into late summer - and beyond?

We’re excited to share with you our newest release from Bhutan, Elsholtzia Essential Oil. Like a breath of fresh air, this medicinal essential oil offers respiratory, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial effects, to help you and your loved ones breathe easy and stay healthy.


What is Elsholtzia?

Elsholtzia fruticosa is a deciduous shrub that is a member of the mint family; its common name is “shrubby mint” or “bush mint.” It grows in the Himalayas between 4,000 - 9,000 feet and is used in Asian herbal medicine, along with similar species in the same genus.

Elsholtizia’s medicinal properties are most similar to those of the Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and the Conifers, all wrapped up in a single bottle.

It’s gathered from a sustainable community forest in Bhutan — and we’re honored to work with suppliers and distillers that invest in their local economies. Check out our Eco-Project page to learn more.

Check out Elsholtzia Essential Oil’s variety of benefits below, and try out our blends and recipes to make the most of this special-release essential oil!

Respiratory Health

Elsholtzia’s long tradition of being used as incense and for fumigation can be translated into modern aromatherapy uses in a diffuser for atmospheric purification, reducing airborne microbial pathogens, and having respiratory benefits.

This oil is strongly aromatic, reminiscent of eucalyptus oil, and shows a high content of eucalyptol and pinene. It can also be used in combination with other respiratory oils such as eucalyptus and conifers in various applications such as diffusers and warm compresses for the chest.

In order to take advantage of Elsholtzia’s respiratory benefits, create the following easy breathing blend:

Add to your diffuser or a bowl of steaming water and inhale several times daily:

  • 4 drops elsholtzia oil,
  • 2 drops eucalyptus oil,
  • 2 drops peppermint oil
  • 4 drops chamomile oil

You can also add these oils to ½ oz of unscented balm and rub on the chest as needed.

This blend will help to purify the air in your space and support healthy respiration in the lungs.


Blend together several drops of Elsholtzia with Bhutan Cypress Essential Oil and add to a carrier oil, such as Jojoba Carrier Oil. Massage into skin as needed to comfort muscles and joints, or use as an anti-inflammatory rub on aching joints, like elbows and knees.

Purifying & Cleansing

Similar to Tea Tree, Elsholtzia is a powerful cleanser for the skin and home. Containing a significant level of Terpinen-4-ol at 8.5%, gives Elsholtzia strongly anti-infectious properties. This new essential oil is also highly antimicrobial.

Using Elsholtzia throughout the day will help stop the spread of harmful germs and bacteria.

Protect you and your loved ones by using the following cleaning spray recipe around the home:

Blend the following into an 8oz mist bottle of water to use for cleaning or misting:

  • 12 drops elsholtzia oil,
  • 12 drops eucalyptus oil,
  • 12 drops silver fir oil,
  • 8 drops *grapefruit.

*Avoid exposure to direct sunlight after topical application to the skin (even if diluted).
Our essential oils are organic — either wildcrafted and collected from healthy ecosystems or organically grown. You’ll always receive the highest quality essential oils to promote organic, sustainable health.


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