Lavender: The Magical Botanical Your Sleep Routine is Missing (Try These Recipes!)

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Lavender is perhaps the most familiar of essential oils. And for good reason! It can help reduce stress and anxiety, soothe skin irritations, relax the mind, and promote feelings of contentment and peace.

And of course, it’s long been celebrated for its sleep-enhancing properties.

Lovely Lavenders

There are many varieties of lavender to choose from, each with its own spin on the benefits listed above.

Lavender Kashmir has a light, sweet and herbaceous aroma, rivaling French lavenders. It’s grown in high-altitude Himalayan foothills and produces a soothing oil that is cooling, relaxing, and uplifting. This gentle lavender replaces agitation, irritability, and short-tempers with positive moods and patience, cooling the physical and emotional body.

Lavender Bulgaria is an aromatic blend of four varieties of lavender, making it perfectly suited for scent blending and fragrant pleasures. It is strongly therapeutic, easing stress, worry, and tension, and promoting a relaxed disposition for rest and sleep.

 And speaking of sleep…

Let’s look at some delightfully restful recipes to promote health, happiness, relaxation, and sleep.

Lavender for Sleep

Lavender essential oil can be diffused, used in a carrier oil, inhaled from the palms, added to salt for a bath, or used on pulse points for a perfume.

(While lavender essential oil should not be taken internally, lavender flower tincture is safe to ingest.)

Check out the recipes below to add lavender to your evening routine for better rest and sweet dreams.


It’s much easier to rest well at night when your day has been a breeze. Try this day-to-night perfume blend to promote relaxation throughout the day, so your mind is ready for sleep at night.

  • Add 6 drops of Lavender Bulgaria and 4 drops of Bergamot Essential to a half-ounce of Jojoba Carrier Oil
  • Apply to pulse points, like wrist, and neck
  • Inhale deeply to enjoy an uplifting and calming experience, applying more throughout the day whenever it fades

For a quick meditative reset, add a few drops to your palms, run them together, and bring them to your face. Take 5-8 deep breaths to reset emotionally and mentally.


For a deliciously scented sleep-enhancing experience, try this luxurious blend to soothe your skin and your soul.

  • Add 6 drops of lavender and 4 drops of Blue Chamomile to a cup of sea salt or milk.
  • Draw a warm bath, adding the cup of sea salt.
  • Climb in and stay awhile. Inhale deeply. Enjoy deep relaxation and the return of luster to your skin


  • Add 3 drops of lavender and 3 drops of Night Blooming Jasmine to a half ounce of Argan Oil.
  • Massage hands, feet, calves, forearms, shoulders, and neck
  • Take several deep breaths to promote a relaxed, meditative state before sleep
  • Wake up well-rested, with silky smooth skin


  • Boil a cup of water
  • Pour over chamomile tea (or your favorite sleepy-time tea. Avoid caffeine.)
  • Add 3-5 drops of Lavender Flower Essence Tincture for relaxation and emotional balance (do not add essential oil!)
  • Sip and settle into serenity


  • Add 6 drops of Lavender Bulgaria Essential Oil and 4 drops of Dream Essential Oil Blend to a half-ounce of Jojoba Carrier Oil
  • Apply to pulse points, like the wrist, and neck, or use as a gentle massage oil
  • Inhale deeply for several breaths before bed (Or, use this blend in your diffuser by leaving out the carrier oil in Step 1).

We’ve all had those nights when we can’t seem to relax, turn our minds off, and settle into the deep sleep we’re craving. But with the right botanicals, sleep isn’t far away. Lavender is an ideal sleep-supporting tool and can be used in a myriad of ways.

We want you to look forward to bed, with luscious scents, a positive mindset, a relaxed body, and a soul that’s at ease.

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