Manifestation Using Power Plants

essential oils flower essences perfumes Dec 29, 2016

Certain plants are perfect for boosting our creative capacity to manifest blessings in our life. I think of manifestation as the utilization of our creative will—an innate function of our foundational Jing energy—and the co-creative partnership we make with these potent plant allies.

In celebration of the New Year, I’m going to share my personal simple manifestation tips utilizing ‘power plants.’

First, I get in touch with a deep part myself by focusing on my heart and determine what I truly would like to see happen.

From this space, I then create a manifestation list (a list of inner qualities, spiritual goals, and outer blessings), while using several of the following power plants. I then put my list away somewhere that has sacred meaning to me such as my ‘magic pot’ (it can be anywhere that has special meaning to you or simply feels right).

Another related method is to toss your completed list in a fire (safely!), allowing the fire element to catalyze your wishes.

Manifestation Power Plants

Palo Santo: In South American indigenous culture, Palo Santo has been used traditionally for repelling negativity and attracting blessings. It is thought that by removing negativity on multiple levels, whether negative thinking or some other type of blockage, we make room for our innate creative potential to come forth. It is from this place that we can skillfully and consciously tap into our deepest creative force and stimulate positive change in our life. Palo santo can be used in various forms: flower essence, wood, essential oil, and hydrosol. A true life changer.

Agarwood: From temple incense to ancient ritual tool, Agarwood or oud is the quintessential manifestation magic maker. It’s famous for creating beneficent synchronicity. It can be worn as an anointing aromatic oil, such as our

Agarwood Attar, or the wood can be gently warmed and used as incense on an Electric Incense Burner.

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