Natural Perfumes

December 26, 2012

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I love natural perfumes! Every day I blend up a unique combination of natural perfume that suites my mood, or inspires the mood I want to have. Some days call for a combination of bergamot oil and vetiver oil. Some days neroli natural perfume and jasmine infused perfume. Another favorite combination is Agarwood Attar with Rose Infused Perfume. No matter what it is always an all natural perfume made with pure essential oils. I love these natural perfumes because not only do they smell amazing, they also enhance my mood and uplift me when I am down. Flowers have always been associated with emotions. The Victorian era offered us a compete and intricate list of associations with each flower. We all know that feeling of love we get from smelling the fragrance of a rose or the joy contained in the fragrance of neroli, the sensual nature evoked by jasmine. It is no mystery why flowers are gifted as the catalyst for romance! Jasmine_Grandiflorum_jasmine_CM So how do we take these associations to another level? When we understand the associations that we and others have with fragrances then we can unlock a deeper aspect of perfumery. I like to call it Intentional Perfumery- a combination of selecting fragrance based on not only our preference for fragrance, but also our aspirations for our lives. Sounds lofty? Just remember how powerful our sense of smell is! Our sense of smell is the most instant of our senses, and the most transportive. We have all had the experience of smelling something from childhood, say lilac or jasmine, that takes us back to our grandmother's garden, or perhaps it is the smell of peppermint essential oil that reminds us of candy canes at Christmastime. We have all been transported on the memory time machine of the sense of smell. We can use this strong association with scent as a tool for keeping our course on our desired path. rose Perhaps we want to open our hearts to the love around us, Rose essential oil or natural perfume offers us this ability. When combined with sandalwood oil or vetiver oil you get the added benefit of grounding and centering- open heart on stable ground, a great combination for those who don't want to lose their heads but want to feel the joys of love. Since attars are the distillation of delicate florals into sandalwood oil they make a complete and long lasting natural perfumeAttars are botanical treasures that can be used as intentional perfumes to fix us on our paths. Smell your favorite attar each day and hold your intention in your mind as you apply it to your skin. This deepened connection will assist you on the days were you feel off path. Your sense of smell will instantly draw you back on track. Maybe it is creativity that we wish to inspire. My favorite combination is jasmine oil - which offers mental energy and opens us to the pursuits of creativity and love, with Spirit Blend or anyone of its ingredients - palo santo oil, sandalwood oil or frankincense oil. This blend of etheric floral with sacred woods offer the ability to access the higher realms of our creative nature while having the roots to bring it into fruition on this earthly plane. Anytime I paint or write I have my jasmine oil and Spirit Blend on hand. The beauty of using essential oils and natural perfumes in this way is that I have a deep association with these oils. I know that when I am smelling these oils that I am calling on my creative self, and this repeat association allows me to quickly access my creativity in ways that before required time and energy that sometimes is not available. You may already have your oils that you know and love. I encourage you to build strong associations with these oils and utilize them to help you achieve whatever you wish for and to support you through any challenging time. Be sure to set your intention with each drop of natural perfume or essential oil that you apply. Inhale deeply and let these botanical treasures assist you on your pat Shop Floracopeia Natural Perfumes.

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