Spring Cleaning: Purify, Cleanse & Detox Your Space, Body & Spirit

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The Spring Equinox is the time of year when the sun crosses the equator, signaling the start of spring. Spiritually, this time of year evokes feelings of freshness, rejuvenation, awakening, and cleansing.

A time to shake off the dust, reenergize, and cleanse residual stagnant energies and spaces, the Spring Equinox is a powerful time for rituals to usher out the old and make space for the new.

So, let’s open up those windows, whisk out that dust, and let some fresh air in — physically and energetically.

Cleanse Your Space

Spring cleaning, anyone?

It’s a great time of year for getting active around the house, deep cleaning, organizing, minimizing, and rearranging. As we go into a new season of growth, we’re compelled to create healthy, clean, renewed spaces so we can open our minds, get inspired, and tap into our creativity.

Try this delightfully scented DIY surface cleanser:

  • 1 part vinegar
  • 1 part water
  • 5-10 drops each of Lemon Essential Oil and Legends Protection Blend.

Use in the kitchen, countertops, refrigerator, bathroom, and any other surfaces that need cleansing.

Deep cleaning and organizing are great ways to awaken for spring. While you’re activating your spirit for a new season through physical cleansing, be sure to symbolically and spiritually cleanse your space of stagnant, lazy, subduing energy, too:

  • Light Palo Santo Wood Chips in a bowl burn or a large shell
  • Allow the smoke to curl around the space. You’d like to cleanse or stagnant energy. Walk it through the room or your entire house.
  • Then open the windows, and using your hand or a feather, usher the smoke through the space out into the open air.
  • Imagine it carrying away stagnant energy, negativity, old air, obstacles, and the sedentary tendencies of winter — leaving fresh, open space behind.

Palo Santo is an antimicrobial and addresses depression, too. (Discover more about Palo Santo here in this video, where David talks with our ethical distiller about harvesting the deadwood and the power of this shamanistic botanical.)

Purify Your Spirit

While cleansing your space with Palo Santo Wood Chips, you may find a sense of calm and serenity has overcome you. Palo Santo is magical stuff!

Now that we’ve cleaned out the space with Palo Santo smoke, let’s fill it with possibilities using our Spirit-Purifying Diffuser Blend:

  • Add purified water to your diffuser
  • Add 2 drops of Palo Santo Essential Oil to cleanse your spirit and attract positivity
  • Add 3 drops of Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil to protect your space
  • Add 5 drops of citrus, like Orange Essential Oil, Sweet for a touch of uplifting positivity and joy
  • Take a moment to meditate in the space with your diffuser, or simply take 5-10 deep breaths, imagining cleansing your soul of stagnant energy and negativity, and brightening it with positivity, joy, and fresh possibilities.

Detox Your Body

If you’ve taken a moment to inhale deeply with our Spirit-Purifying Diffuser Blend, you’ve already started to spiritually detox.

It’s important to physically detox your body too. Detox doesn’t mean ingesting. In fact, we rarely recommend ingesting oils, as very few are safe for this. However, there are other ways to use botanicals as detoxification tools.


Don’t neglect a detox ritual for your skin this spring! The ritual below uses powerful but gentle essential oils for cleansing, hydrating, and protecting your skin.

  • Nourishing, nurturing, and purifying, Luna Flores Cleansing Dew is a powerful ally to cleanse and restore radiance to your complexion. Use it on your face once daily.
  • To remove dermal blockages and improve circulation, try it with a kansa wand in our Glow Getter Duo.
    Remove impurities in the shower with Golden Beauty Body Wash, and soften your skin and delight the senes with its lovely aromatic profile.
  • After cleansing, protect your face with Nectar of Immortelle Facial Rejuvenation Serum followed by Mist of Immortelle, which can be sprayed throughout the day for a quick spritz of hydrating protection.
  • Hydrate, restore, and protect your skin all over with Argan Oil.


Our respiratory systems work hard in the winter, with more indoor environments, less fresh air, and exposure to many illnesses.

This Breathways Detox is a wonderful idea for the spring, to cleanse, rejuvenate, and restore healthy respiration systems:

  • Add several drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Lemon-Scented to an ounce of Jojoba Carrier Oil
  • Rub on the chest to open airways, and breath deeply.

The sweet citronella notes of the Lemon-Scented Eucalyptus benefits the respiratory tract and immune system while its gentle camphoraceous and therapeutic qualities purify the air and open airways.

Cleansing and penetrating, eucalyptus oils support clearing the body and energizing the mind when tired and overworked.


Rub the Breathways Detox above on tired muscles to move stagnant chi. Consider adding a couple drops of Lavender Essential Oil, Bulgaria for deep relation and antimicrobial cleansing of the upper layer of skin.


You’ll smell incredible, and feel great too! Use Shaman Botanical Fragrance Roll-On as a perfume for your pulse points, and to inhale during the day to clear your mind, inspire creativity, foster intuition, and manifest desires.


Tinctures can be ingested, but also are known to be powerful when used topically. To cleanse your energy center, and release stagnancies, enjoy 1-2 drops of Hawthorn Flower Essence Tincture 2-4 times daily.

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