Surya Collection: The New Line of Masculine Botanical Fragrances from Floracopeia

June 6, 2012

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Named for the Sun, The Floracopeia Surya Collection, reflects the full potential of men’s natural fragrances. Unlike men’s colognes that contain synthetic fragrance and alcohol, Floracopeia’s Natural Perfumes and Botanical Fragrances utilize only the finest essential oils and organic jojoba oil. This combination creates a natural fragrance that not only smells better then synthetic men's cologne, it is better, for your health and wellbeing. Surya-2-2012-1019x400 The Surya Collection is the perfect complement to the feminine natural perfumes of the Chandra Collection. Just as every woman is a Goddess, every Man is a God, and these natural botanical fragrances are intended to inspire the sacred within. The Surya Collection offers an array of natural fragrances to enliven the senses and evoke the highest qualities attributed to Man. Three botanical fragrance blends make up the collection, each named for a powerful dynamic of the Sun. Sunrise is a refreshing blend that combines the citrus notes of Lemongrass and Neroli with the purifying, woody notes of Muhuhu and the earthiness of Vetiver as its base. Inspired by the energy available to us at Sunrise, this natural fragrance can be worn anytime for a light, soft fragrance. Citrus oils are known for their uplifting qualities that offer clarity of thought and enhance positive emotions. Muhuhu and Vetiver have a cooling, grounding property that brings balance and harmony to the mind and body. Eclipse has a depth and complexity that makes it a powerful fragrance for any man to wear. Aged Patchouli is softened by time and the addition of Vanilla, Saffron, and Sandalwood. Cedar, Frankincense and Muhuhu add to the richness of this natural fragrance. Bergamot adds its distinct and crisp scent as the perfect top note to this elegant blend. Warm and musky, this blend inspires confidence and provides comfort to the wearer and those in their embrace. Sunset has a warm, delicious fragrance to savor as one would the last rays of the setting sun. The spice and complexity of Hina attar is supported by the warm, woodsy notes of Palo Santo, Cedar and Sandalwood. Rounded out with additional spice from Ginger and citrus from Bergamot, this natural fragrance is the perfect catalyst to a romantic evening. The combination of sacred wood oils with spice smells heavenly and elevates attraction to the realm of the divine. Each Masculine Botanical Fragrance in the Surya Collection is prepared for direct application in a dilution of jojoba oil. As a set they are a dynamic combination that activates distinct and profound responses from the psyche. To quote David Crow, "Botanical Perfumes are food for your body at the molecular level. They go into your skin, they are digested and they become part of your own body fragrance." Whereas synthetic fragrance and traditional men's colognes cover one’s natural chemistry, natural perfumes and botanical fragrances engage with our body’s own fragrance to create a scent unlike no other. Appealing to men and women, this collection of Men's fragrance is sure to draw a following as it has already received a very positive response from all who have experienced it! To celebrate the release of this new fragrance line, each purchase of the Complete Surya Collection will include a decorative case as well as a gorgeous, high quality print of the Surya Yantra by Mick and Pamela McDonough of Yantra & Mandala Art. Explore the Surya Collection and discover your signature scent.

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