The Healing Power of Flower Essences to Support Women’s Health

March 25, 2021

The Healing Power of Flower Essences to Support Women’s Health

The Healing Power of Flower Essences to Support Women’s Health Featuring Rosita Arvigo

To celebrate Women’s History Month — and the women making history in real time throughout the natural health and wellness worlds — we’re introducing you to some amazing women leaders, practitioners, and trailblazers…

Today we’re exploring the power of flower essences to support women’s health. 

There’s no one better to walk us through this powerful healing remedy than Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN, a lifelong imperial herbalist with a doctorate of Naprapathy — a method of treating disease without medications through the manipulation of muscles, joints, and ligaments to stimulate the natural healing process

She’s also the founder of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® and The Abdominal Therapy Collective.

A native of Chicago, IL, Rosita is now a longtime resident of Belize. She has a small organic garden, some fruit trees, and lives as simply and naturally as possible…

Meanwhile, her mission remains the same: to share the simple, non-invasive techniques of abdominal therapy and spiritual healing she’s learned over her 42+ years of study with traditional healers of Central America.

Flower Essences’ Healing Power

Flower essences, or flower remedies, are infusions made from the flowers of a plant. Unlike essential oils or herbal remedies, there’s no physical part of the flower in a flower essence — only its healing vibrations.  

Flower essences are catalysts for change at a deep, emotional level. Their powerful healing results can include feeling more confident, creative, joyful, and forgiving. You can create stronger, healthier relationships, gain more clarity and focus — and deepen your connection to your higher self and your life’s purpose.

While flower essences can work immediately, you may also feel the effects unfolding over days or weeks...

Rosita often shares that, while in an altered state during an LSD trip in the 1970s, she observed for herself how every petal of a rose had a very specific vibration, a pattern, and a rhythm.

Rosita returned to her daily practice with an even deeper understanding of how the energy of flowers entered her patients’ systems... 

When your emotional state is out of balance, you’re wobbling energetically, as Rosita puts it. 

When you use flower essences, any energetic element that doesn’t match the vibration of the chosen essence goes away. If you’re experiencing anxiety, for instance, and you use a flower essence with a calming vibration, the awareness of the sense of calm is raised — and the lower vibration of anxiety dissolves and disappears. 

Our human experiences and memories also have a unique vibration. As Rosita explains, flower essences balance your energy field and hold up an emotional mirror for you, helping you discern what’s missing from your inner life as your energy becomes more balanced.

Methods For Using Flower Essences

While many of Rosita’s patients take flower essences via drops under the tongue, others aren’t able to use them this way — especially those in the hospital, nursing home, or hospice. 

Others simply prefer a different method.

You can also use flower essences by:

  • Placing four drops in the palms of your hands and rubbing them together
  • Rubbing it onto your forehead
  • Rubbing four drops over your chakras
  • Placing four drops into a cup of water, then rubbing it on the skin. 

What’s Important to Understand About Women's Health

From menstrual issues to fertility struggles, bladder issues, endometriosis, and more, Rosita says the primary physical cause of female ailments can be traced back to an incorrect uterus position. 

Your uterus is held up by 16 different ligaments that are all subject to damage — becoming loose, overstretched, or simply pulled too tight. 

Particularly after a difficult labor and birth, the uterus has the capacity to get out of its biologically intended place within the pelvic floor. 

As a result, Rosita’s approach to women’s health issues begins with investigating the uterine position. Her job as an abdominal therapy practitioner includes externally massaging the uterus and the pelvic area to move the uterus back into correct alignment.

Her approach has seen incredible success, and throughout her career she’s worked to spread the word that women don’t need to suffer with health challenges just because mainstream medicine still considers them a mystery.

Rosita believes in treating the whole person — mind, body, and spirit. It’s folly to ignore the sacred in life or medicine, she says. Skirting the spiritual has had a shattering effect on every dimension of contemporary existence…

 Flower Essence Tinctures to Nourish Your Body, Mind & Spirit

“Flower essences are essential for touching the emotional tone of a person's whole physiological picture — that they present when they sit down and tell you their story... for women, it's a very essential part of my practice, to this day.” — Rosita Arvigo

Try these healing flower essence tinctures to hold a mirror up to yourself and cultivate energetic balance:

Calendula Flower Essence Tincture. This complex formula acts on several areas within the body-mind complex to strengthen personal power, ease communication dynamics, and support your liver and digestion.

Hawthorn Flower Essence Tincture. In our modern age of stress and anxiety, Hawthorn offers much-needed support — protecting, and strengthening a healthy heart.


Lavender Flower Essence Tincture calms and uplifts the body and mind, supports the nervous system and digestive tract — and eases stress and agitation associated with women's cycles. It helps you confidently move in the world with clarity.

Passionflower Flower Essence Tincture. These otherworldly blossoms relax the nervous system to counteract agitation, restlessness, disturbed sleep, and feelings of depletion — all while enhancing spiritual insight.

Rose Flower Essence Tincture comforts and heals the emotional heart and calms the mind. Through its hydrating and cooling action, it nourishes the body's Yin and promotes a healthy inflammatory response. Its purifying and nutritive nature supports digestive function, intestinal health and skin radiance.

Sacred Basil Flower Essence Tincture. One of India's most sacred plants, it's often referred to as "the incomparable one" (Holy Basil or Tulsi). It’s classified as a rasayana — a substance that nourishes perfect health and promotes long life. It modulates the body's inflammatory pathways and supports digestive and respiratory health.

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