Top 8 Essential Oils for Meditation

September 8, 2013

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Essential Oils and Natural Incense Resins are powerful tools for our meditation and spiritual practices. In addition to acting on the physical body to induce states of calm, essential oils and resins help still the mind so we can access higher experiences in our meditations and daily life. This opens the door for us to be able to create what we truly desire in our lives. Below is a list of the Top 8 Floracopeia Essential Oils for Mediation. palo_santo_shavings

Palo Santo

Palo Santo translates to “holy wood” and comes to us from Ecuador where it is used for meditation, general well-being and powerful healing. Palo Santo essential oil can be used for anointing or combined into a blend like Floracopeia’s Spirit BlendPalo Santo wood chips or shavings can be burned as part of a sacred ritual fire. The book Sacred Smoke: The Magic and Medicine of Palo Santo by David Crow explores the amazing spiritual properties of Palo Santo oil and Palo Santo wood.


Frankincense incense resin has long been a part of sacred rites and rituals for both its health benefits and ability to elevate the mind towards spiritual pursuits. One drop of Frankincense essential oil is said to expand the aura and the incense resin uplifts the spirit and purifies your mediation space. To read an article about Frankincense click here.


Sandalwood incense is burned in temples around the world for its meditative properties. Its smell is soothing, soft and pleasant. When incorporated into a meditation practice sandalwood essential oil can bring peace of mind and quiet mental chatter.


Rose is the oil for all yogis and meditators to utilize in their practice. Rose essential oil opens the heart to deepen compassion and love. Rose attar is the beautiful combination of sandalwood and rose which maximizes the benefits of both oils and offers a lasting aromatic memory of your meditation practice. Learn more about Rose.


Helichrysum translates from Greek to “gold sun”. This solar oil opens our hearts to release old traumas and transmute them through our spiritual practice. Helichrysum essential oil is a powerful healing oil on the physical level and has been used to treat wounds and injury. On a spiritual level helichrysum has been used by healers and shamans to induce visions and trance states to provide healing to the soul and psyche.

Agarwood Attar

This spiritual blend of Sandalwood and Agarwood essential oils facilitates sacred practice. Agarwood attar is relaxing and euphoric yet enhances mental clarity and purpose. It has an affinity for meditation, ceremony, and intimacy. A remarkable anointing oil, mystical Agarwood attracts love, prosperity, and good fortune. Likewise, agarwood chips can be burned for incense during the mediation practice.


An intoxicating flower with a history of use in spiritual practice, the “Rockrose” is both grounding and enlightening. This resilient plant thrives in adverse conditions such as drought, strong winds, and heat. It is this heartiness that promotes a strong root in meditation. Simultaneously, her otherworldly ethereal scent conjures an elevated state of mind. From root to crown this botanical inspires a whole being alignment. Look for Cistus essential oil in Shaman Blend as well, an excellent tool for deep insight.

Centered Blend

This grounding combination of Palo Santo and Lavender Kashmir facilitates peace and an open third eye. Ideal for savasana and evening meditations. Palo Santo purifies your practice space while Lavender guides you to a state of inner calm. Wonderful applied to the bottoms of the feet or tops of the ears, and excellent in the diffuser. Please share your favorite oils for meditation, or your experiences of incorporating essential oils and natural incense resins into your meditation practice below. 
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