White Rose and a New Member to the Floracopeia Raj Collection

December 4, 2012

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The word "Raj" connotes royalty and all that is of the highest caliber of creation. A few years ago Floracopeia came upon a handful of products that exceeded all expectation in fragrance, quality and benefits. We created the Floracopeia Raj Collection to convey the excellence of these products which include a exquisite, ethically-produced Sri Lankan Sandalwood and a White Rose CO2 solid Perfume - the finest sandalwood essential oil and rose essential oil we have come upon. Today I would like to share a video from David Crow on our White Rose CO2 essential oil and introduce a new member to the Raj Collection. White Rose has been an esteemed member of Floracopeia's Raj Collection. Watch the video below as David Crow explains the virtue of this amazing White Rose essential oil. This Holiday Season we are pleased to introduce a new product worthy of this unique collection: Floracopeia's Lilac Solid Perfume. This amazing natural perfume captures the delicate fragrance of Lilac through the method of CO2 extraction. A soft fragrance which is floral with an earthy note, appeals to both men and women. Lilac essential oil is a soothing balm for the body, mind and spirit, offering us joy and relaxation from the heat of stress and anger. Many of us have positive memorys of spring and summer time adventures fragranced with the aroma of Lilac. Let these memories come to life once more with each experience of this delightful natural perfume. Floracopeia's Lilac and White Rose Co2 Solid Essential Oil Perfumes make a memorable gift during the Holiday Season and any time of year. Lilac Lilac-CO2__59413_std

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